WWE RAW 1.21.19: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. Hope For A Title Change This Sunday

They were really pushing the narrative that Finn can’t beat Brock this Sunday. Finn had some hope spots against Braun and took out Brock a handful of times. But in the end, Brock came back in and laid out Balor with an F5. The fact that they were pushing the Finn can’t win narrative so much makes me think that they might pull the trigger with Finn winning this Sunday. You can do Finn/Rollins for the Universal Title and Brock/Braun non-Title at Mania with Braun finally beating Brock. It would honestly be two better matchups. You can recreate the Eddie vs Brock match from No Way Out with Braun playing the role of Goldberg. It would get people more interested in the product and talking because there are then two good matches coming out of it at Mania.

2. Have A Fun Year, Revival

Everyone read the rumors at this point about The Revival asking for their release from the WWE. Well, that won’t be happening any time soon. With All Elite Wrestling around and a ready made feud with the Young Bucks, the WWE isn’t ready to give AEW easy money. And The Revival’s contracts apparently don’t expire until April 2020. So it is going to be a long year for the Revival. And it looks like it is going to get worse if they are going to feud with Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins. The Revival played their hand way too early and are going to pay for it. Does the tag team division suck? Yeah. But you have to know the landscape before you push your chips in. So this is on the Revival as much as it is on the WWE.

3. Ronda Promo Aside, Sasha vs Ronda Has Been A Good Build

They may have rushed through the feud in a span of three weeks, but I think the WWE did a good job with the build. Sasha and Ronda have made it feel like that they have legitimate heat with and really do hate each other. Sasha comes off as cocky and confident despite playing a heel in the build. And by the way WWE, do not keep giving Ronda long promos like the one before the match. She got lost early and couldn’t find her way back. But I’m looking forward to this match and think it will easily be Ronda’s best so far in the WWE.

Random Notes

-At least Lio Rush didn’t go full Bobby Heenan during that Lashley pose down.

-They have EC3 in the back posing and talking to Dana Brooke. I’d say his push is in TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE!

-If Lacey Evans is going to talk like she did during her promo people aren’t going to take her seriously.

-Also Alexa Bliss should’ve been a surprise return for the Rumble.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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