WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 1.15.19 w/ The Chairman

Smackdown Live was definitely a strange one tonight. There were some great moments and then there was some cringe worthy ones as well. I’m here to break it down here.


HIT: Andrade and Rey Mysterio Are Great Together

Tonight Rey Mysterio challenged Andrade in another great match. The match got a great amount of time, full of great action, and the crowd loved it. The best part was Andrade using the Hammerlock DDT to defeat Mysterio. I’m loving Andrade getting these wins over Mysterio. This is how you build a star. Andrade had an up and down 2018 after joining Smackdown Live, but I have a feeling 2019 could be his year. I definitely think he could be a solid contender for the United States Championship.


MISS: Andrade Lost “Cien” Almas

For some reason Andrade lost part of his name like many other superstars have before him. When the Smackdown graphics and announce team kept referring to Andrade as only Andrade, I was taken by surprise. I didn’t hear anything about “Cien” Almas being dropped, but sure enough it was. I think referring to him as only Andrade is definitely weird and going to take some getting used to. I almost rather we just call him El Idolo going forward if that’s the case. I’m sure this won’t be the last time Vince decides to drop someone’s name either.


HIT: Becky Makes Another Statement

Becky Lynch kicked off Smackdown Live by getting into a confrontation with Asuka and taking on Peyton Royce when the Iiconics decided to get involved with Becky and Asuka’s segment. Asuka of course had to one up Becky so she grabbed Billie Kay and beat her within seconds. We’re definitely on a collision course with Becky and Asuka and it’s clear Becky is the one keeping this feud afloat in the promo department. This is definitely not an area of strength for Asuka and being Becky is one of the best on the mic right now, she’s definitely putting in the work.


MISS: Mandy Rose Lures Jimmy Uso

The affair storyline continues to eat away at valuable television time on Smackdown Live. Mandy leaves Jimmy a note to visit her hotel room and Mandy of course reveals her plan to destroy Jimmy’s marriage to Naomi because of Mandy’s hatred for Naomi. Jimmy of course shows up and a random photographer runs out and takes photos. Naomi then shows up and assaults Mandy. This is definitely a cringe worthy storyline and I haven’t managed to erase this from my memory come December, this will definitely rank right up there for worst storyline/feud of 2019. I want to see Jimmy and Jey Uso wrestle, not get drug into a drama filled storyline.


MISS: The NXT Arrivals Have Failed to Impress

It’s bad enough this batch of NXT callups isn’t exactly the most exciting, but from what I’ve seen on Raw last night and Smackdown Live tonight, I fear what their futures are. Otis Dozovic is being super weird and borderline creepy. Lacey Evans is just there and why should I care? I didn’t care about her in NXT. EC3 is looking into mirrors randomly backstage like the “Narcissist” Lex Luger. At least they haven’t managed to screw up Nikki Cross yet, who by the way is the only one who I see any potential in.


MISS: Shane McMahon Birthday Bash

In another storyline I don’t care about, Miz is out there trying to throw Shane a birthday party. So many other avenues the Miz could be used in and he’s stuck with Shane McMahon. This led to a random match to main event Smackdown Live against Sheamus that Miz won. Then they used the birthday cake as a prop for a Coast to Coast. The Smackdown Live Tag Team Division has unfortunately started to slump again with the involvement of Shane McMahon.


Smackdown Live most weeks has been solid, but this was one was disappointing. Definitely check out the Andrade vs Rey Mysterio match, but otherwise it’s nothing great. Strange to say that Raw was better this week, but truth be told it was. With that, thanks for reading and as always follow @ChairmanSV on Twitter for my latest thoughts.