The HTCWrestling Staff Answers: What Should Main Event AEW Double or Nothing?

Justin C: I find this event different than All In. AEW will need to establish that they are big time players in the world of pro wrestling with this event. In a way you want to establish what your company is going to be about with this show. I’d be stunned if AEW gets anyone bigger than Kenny Omega to come to their company by the time Double or Nothing takes place. So you have to wonder how they are going to setup their main event. If it is the Bucks or Cody they will already face backlash from fans. I think you play it safe and put Kenny Omega in the main event. What would I do? Team Kenny with Hangman Page to take on PAC and Chris Jericho. Establish Page as a big time player right off the bat and have him pin Chris Jericho in the match.

The Chairman: Hopefully the main event of Double or Nothing doesn’t get the finish of the match rushed. With that being said, it’s definitely tough to predict at the moment what the main event could be with only a portion of the roster revealed. That’s what makes this fun though right? If I were to guess with the cards laid out in front me, I’d have to say Pac vs Hangman Page. Sure there was a brief encounter at the rally in Jacksonville hinting at a potential match between the two, but this is definitely a match people want to see. It’s fresh because the two have never wrestled each other before. This match gives wrestling fans a chance to see Pac (formerly known as Neville) wrestle again. I know he’s done a few matches recently for RevPro, but most fans in the United States probably don’t watch RevPro. However, there will be plenty of folks watching AEW. I also believe Double or Nothing will feature a singles match in the main event, possibly for their championship? Therefore that rules out Young Bucks and SoCal Uncensored more than likely. I don’t see Chris Jericho taking on the main event spot being he’s more likely fine being a co-headliner and I don’t see Cody booking himself in the main event. Of course, if Kenny Omega would happen to sign a deal with AEW. Then I would be ALL IN for a Omega vs Pac match.

Cam: The main event of Double or Nothing should be spread throughout the card with a four man, single elimination, tournament for the new AEW Title. Adam Page, PAC, Chris Jericho and Scorpio Sky all challenging for the belt gives immediate intrigue to, an already hyped show and promotion. I’d put Page against Sky and Jericho against PAC first then have PAC and Page face off in the finals.

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