The HTCWrestling Staff Answers: Which Promotion Needs Kenny Omega The Most?


Cam: I could make a case for every major wrestling promotion in the world when it comes to Kenny Omega’s future. If Omega came to the WWE he would bring a huge buzz to a corporate juggernaut and immediately make a lot of dream matches a huge possibility. I think Omega comes to the WWE, eventually, but not anytime soon. Ring of Honor needs a major star to continue to pull the trailer and Omega would be huge for them to have full time. Sadly, like the Green Bay Packers, ROH isn’t a top free agent draw. My answer is All Elite Wrestling. AEW is going to need all of their top drawing friends to continue the momentum of ALL IN and AEW. It’s going to take Omega and few other interesting names to sell out the T Mobile arena in Las Vegas come May.

The Chairman: Which promotion needs Kenny Omega the most? In my opinion All Elite Wrestling hands down without a question. If Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks want to sellout arenas instantly and rack up buy rates for major events, Kenny Omega has to be included. Acquiring Omega could also lure many other wrestlers that may want to step into the ring with Omega someday which would help fill up the AEW roster. Now granted AEW could still succeed without Kenny Omega, but the road will definitely be alot more challenging I think.

Obviously you’re going to have the die hard WWE fans wanting to see the biggest free agent in wrestling since AJ Styles show up out of the blue shocking the wrestling world. WWE would definitely benefit from acquiring the Best Bout Machine, but they definitely don’t need him nearly as bad as AEW. Sure there are a plethora of dream matches should Omega join WWE such as wrestling AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Daniel Bryan and the list goes on. The question is whether or not Omega wants to join WWE or not because it’s no secret the WWE wants him.

Maybe Omega decides to resign with New Japan Pro Wrestling? Again NJPW doesn’t need Omega as bad as AEW does, but Omega is definitely a big part of why NJPW’s popularity has been on the rise in the United States the past few years. Should Omega return to NJPW, you know a rubber match between him and Hiroshi Tanahashi is on the table. Omega would without a doubt continue to be featured on all the biggest NJPW events as well.

Now sure there’s also Ring of Honor, Impact, and every other wrestling promotion out there that would love to sign Kenny Omega. Realistically though it’s down to these three. It’s an exciting time for wrestling fans to see where Kenny Omega ends up and hopefully his fans will support his decision whatever it may be.

Justin C: The good thing about being the guy that puts these together is that I can change my answer to make a point. I was all ready to answer All Elite Wrestling as well. But the more I think about it, the more I think New Japan needs Kenny Omega to keep their business strong. As seen at Wrestle Kingdom 13, New Japan has big expansion goals in the coming year. They are going to do the first night of the G1 in Dallas. They are also doing a show in London and plan on doing two straight nights in the Tokyo Dome next year.

Now according to Dave Meltzer, New Japan will still be working with Ring of Honor and at the moment will not be working with AEW. New Japan needs to keep a relationship with one promotion in the US to keep their expansion going. Losing Cody and the Young Bucks is one thing, but losing Kenny Omega might be a bit of bigger blow when it comes to that expansion. There is no doubt Omega was one of the keys to get people to come over and watch New Japan. I can tell you right now the first Omega/Okada match is what got me to start watching New Japan more regularly. But has New Japan done enough to keep those people around? I’m not sure. They are going to need to build new gaijin stars to keep people around. It looks like they are going to start doing that with Will Ospreay, Jay White, Juice Robinson and Zack Sabre Jr. But can they be big enough to replace Omega? I’m not so sure. If Omega truly does leave I’ll be interested to see how New Japan replaces his star power in Japan and North America.

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