Wrestle Kingdom 13 Results

Will Ospreay defeated Kota Ibushi to win the IWGP NEVER Openweight Championship

So for these two, I actually thought this was tame? There were a couple of rough looking spots. Ibushi got his nose busted open at some point during the match. Ospreay also almost landed on his neck when he attempted to land on his feet during a German suplex. The match ended with Ospreay landing a hard forearm to the back of Ibushi’s head then hitting the Stormbreaker for the win. Solid opener, but if I’m being honest, I expected a tad bit more from them. Maybe it is because my expectations were super high.

Shingo Takagi and Bushi defeated Roppongi 3k and Suzuki-gun to win the IWG Jr Tag Team Championship

Man, Takagi is one big Junior Heavyweight. The match was non-stop action throughout. It was a short match but good. Roppongi 3k dominated the first half of the match until Takagi tagged in and went to work. Suzuki-gun was pretty much an afterthought the entire match. Honestly, so was Bushi. The match was used as a showcase for Takagi.

Zack Sabre Jr defeated Tomohiro Ishii to win the REV PRO Championship

These two are a complete mix of different styles and I thought the match was great. Zack Sabre Jr. domianted the entire match over Ishii. They really wanted to get him over. There was a good where Ishii hit a superplex off the top but he landed his head on Ishii’s arm and then worked over the arm. ZSJ won with a double octopus. The fact that ZSJ made Ishii submit was big. Zack Sabre is one of those guys that won me over since he came to New Japan.

EVIL and Sanada defeated The Young Bucks and the Guerillas of Destiny to win the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship

The Bucks took the pin, as I predicted in my preview column. So there is already a path for the Guerrillas of Destiny to get their rematch. EVIL looked like he had way too much gear on walking to the ring and it showed. I would say this was the weakest match so far. But still good. The night of LIJ continues. Your basic spots. Nothing really stood out here.

Juice Robinson defeated Cody to win the IWGP United States Championship

I really hope Brandi isn’t the face of AEW’s women’s division. Those punches she threw in addition to that spear on Juice were awful. The match was once again one where it was dominated by the man that won. Cody faked a knee injury early on. Brandi was thrown out after she attacked Juice. Once she left the match was all Juice and he won after hitting two straight Pulp Frictions.

Taiji Ishimori defeated KUSHIDA to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship

Well that won’t quiet the KUSHIDA to WWE rumors. I don’t know why, but I’m feeling completely whelmed by these matches so far. None of them are bad by any means, but I enjoyed last year’s show much better. KUSHIDA’s “Back to the Future” entrance was great as a fan of the movie franchise. It wasn’t an all out high flying fest like you are used to with the super juniors. The match was much more mat based.

Jay White defeated Okada

Yeah, you read that right. Jay White pinned Okada clean in the middle of the Tokyo Dome at Wrestle Kingdom. Okada came out in full Rainmaker gear and entrance, including his old tights. The crowd really came alive when Okada came out. Unlike last year with Tanahashi, I thought White looked like he belonged in the ring with Okada. It goes to show you how much he’s improved over the last year. White also one with one Switchblade. I thought going into the match that if White won, it would signal Omega might be on his way out and White would slide into his place as the top gaijin. We will see how the main event plays out.

Tetsuya Naito defeated Chris Jericho to win the IWGP Intercontinental Championship

And we have a new leader for match of the night. Jericho brought his A game tonight and the match was brutal from the start. Jericho DDT’s Naito on a table and Naito landed square on his head. Naito was great in the match as well. He wound up like a baseball player a few times and hit Jericho with a kendo stick. Jericho scored a couple near falls with a Codebreaker. Naito hit two Destinos to get the win. Naito did walk out with the Title and did not throw it into the crowd or throw it away. The night of LIJ is complete. My guess is  Zack Sabre Jr. is his first challenger.

Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Kenny Omega to win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship

And there is your match of the night. Tremendous match. They started off slow and methodical. Then Kenny went for his dive to the outside and landed hard on his back on the ramp. Kenny hit his knee as well and Tanahashi went right to work on that after. There were some nasty looking dragon screw leg whips. Omega was never able to hit the One Winged Angel despite a couple of attempts. Tanahashi also took a hard landing through a table on the outside on a high fly flow attempt. Omega kicked out of one high fly flow. There were some scary looking reverse-rannas but in the end Tanahashi pulled it off with the High Fly Flow.

Match of the Night: Omega vs Tanahashi

Star of the Night: Jay White. When you pin Okada clean in the Tokyo Dome you are getting a rocket strapped to you.

Other Stories

-The first night of the G1 will be held in Dallas in July.

-The Tokyo Dome show will be TWO nights next year, January 4th and 5th.

-There will be a show in London in the fall.

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