All Elite Wrestling Officially Announced: What You Need To Know

At the stroke of midnight Pacific time, a new Being the Elite dropped that confirmed the rumors:

All Elite Wrestling is happening.

The “Being the Elite” video confirmed the new promotion and hinted at the name of the first event for the new promotion: “Double or Nothing.”

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer dropped some other news items about the promotion. There will be a press conference held next Tuesday, January 8, that will give details on the show as well as the rumored Double or Nothing event. Coincidentally I’m sure, Smackdown also happens to be in Jacksonville the same day as this announcement. The major financial backer of All Elite is Jacksonville Jaguars co-owner Tony Khan.

Meltzer also believed that a TV deal is expected to be in place soon and that there are multiple offers on the table. As many people speculated, the success of All In brought a good amount of eye balls to the Elite and the product. I personally would be surprised if they landed on a major network, but I bet they find a network that currently is in more homes than Impact.

Cody is the only talent signed at the moment according to Meltzer. Of course, The Young Bucks and Hangman Page will likely sign as well in the coming days. There are negotiations on going with other talent according to Meltzer. Chris Jericho is rumored to be involved. Kenny Omega was not in the video with the official announcement. Part of me thinks that is just to drum up interest for Wrestle Kingdom this week. If Omega is in the video, most people (including me) would lead to the assumption that Omega is losing the Title to Tanahashi at Wrestle Kingdom. There is also still talk about talent agreements with New Japan and Ring of Honor, although that is still in the very early stages.

We aren’t even a full day into 2019 and the world of pro wrestling has already been given a major shakeup. It was expected, but the official confirmation has everyone talking. We will talk more about this on the HTCWrestling Podcast next week!

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