WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 12.25.18 w/ The Chairman

With Smackdown Live being taped and airing on Christmas, I can’t imagine many people watched this episode. I personally think it would’ve been better to either air the Tribute the Troops special in this spot or maybe a best of 2018 episode. However wrestling did happen on Christmas so here’s a quick recap of the major points.


And NEW Champion

The United States of Nakamerica is over as it couldn’t withstand the battle on Rusev Day. These two have been feuding for quite some time and Rusev has finally managed to pry the WWE United States Championship away from Nakamura to become a three time US Champion. This will hopefully propel Rusev into some solid feuds as the calendar turns to 2019. Rusev definitely has all the tools to be successful, it’s just whether creative gives the United States Championship the opportunity to succeed as well. Nakamura definitely didn’t get a chance to become a memorable champion and it makes you wonder how much longer Nakamura stays in WWE? More than likely he dropped the title because he probably hasn’t signed an extension yet. As many know, Nakamura’s three year deal expires in early 2019. Could Nakamura very well return to NJPW? I guess this is a story itself, but Rusev is the WWE United States Champion going into 2019.


AJ Styles Blasts Vince McMahon

All I seen last night were highlights of Vince McMahon slapping AJ Styles in the face only to get laid out by AJ Styles. So of course I have to wonder what the purpose of this was. It’s clear AJ Styles is out of the WWE Championship picture and I personally think there is nothing left for him to prove on Smackdown Live. He’s feuded with pretty much everyone there and it’s time for him to become a household name on Raw and save the struggling brand on Monday’s. Plus I’m still waiting for that dream match against Seth Rollins. Some folks are saying AJ Styles is turning heel and I don’t know if that’s the case let alone a good idea. The WWE pool is overran with heels right now and I feel WWE has recently turned quite a few top superstars heel such as Daniel Bryan. Pretty soon everyone is going to be a heel. There’s no way they’d have Shane try to avenge his father against AJ Styles being they already had that feud, plus Shane’s involved in a story with Miz. I like everyone else can only speculate where this is going to go, but it could very well make AJ Styles more exciting than how his WWE Championship run was booked.


Mustafa Ali Making Noise

Smackdown Live’s newest resident Mustafa Ali was in action again this week. He challenged Andrade “Cien” Almas in a singles match. Last week they competed in a tag match where Ali and AJ Styles defeated Daniel Bryan and Almas. On this episode, Ali was victorious again as he defeated Almas. As awesome it is to see Mustafa Ali racking up victories, it somewhat stinks Almas is once again used to propel somebody else. I really hope big things are in store for both Ali and Almas in 2019 because they’re both amazing to watch.


Once we get past the holiday season, maybe we’ll see what the McMahon family means about their proposed shakeup. Until then, we’ll just have to ride the tide of holiday tapings. Thanks for reading and as always follow my Twitter @ChairmanSV.