JC’s Top Rope Report: A Christmas Wish List

It is the holiday season. It is a slow time in the world of pro wrestling. The WWE taped shows for next week already and will tape shows for New Year’s week over the weekend. It is a time for everyone to spend time with their families and enjoy the little things in life.

Of course, it is also the time where everyone makes a list for Santa and hope that he brings them everything they want for Christmas. As wrestling fans, we often ask for a lot. Maybe we really will get a shakeup in the WWE. But I tried to compile a list of what I would ask Santa for as a wrestling fan during this holiday season.

1. Let All Elite Wrestling Be Successful

The one thing pro wrestling, well specifically the WWE, is missing is competition. Now can All Elite Wrestling be a direct competitor right off the bat? No. They are going to need to develop a fan base, a following and a solid product. I’ve said numerous times that if AEW is just the Elite booking their buddies and having no real storylines, it won’t succeed. They need to show that they can run a professional wrestling company.

But if they can hit the ground running, absorb the financial losses, and gain a following, then they could start making things interesting. More wrestlers might be interested in joining AEW. If they can get people to leave the WWE that will be big. But most of all, a successful AEW will bring some competition and possibly light a fire under the WWE to actually put on a better product. The one thing I have confidence in is that AEW will book for their audience, similar to what they did for All In. And if that happens then 2019 will be a fun year.

2. Book Babyfaces Like People We Want To Cheer

This one pretty much focuses on the WWE. But one of their biggest problems over the last decade is that they can’t book a likable babyface if their careers depended on it. And their two top babyfaces over the last five years, Daniel Bryan and Becky Lynch, were pretty much lucked into. But if they actually tried to book more people like that then they wouldn’t have to worry about their faces getting booed out of the building.

I always said that Roman Reigns would have gotten over if they booked him like Goldberg. And it appears that the WWE is setting up Seth Rollins to take over the top spot on RAW. And I am really scared that they are going to try and make him like Reigns. They need to let Rollins still be like he is now. And they need to make all their babyfaces not look like complete geeks. Let them stand up for themselves. Don’t let them go out their and cut promos with catchphrases and “trendy” words. Let them be themselves and I think you’ll like what ends up happening.

3. A Tetsuya Naito IWGP Title Run

Everyone thought for sure that Naito was going to beat Okada at Wrestle Kingdom this past January. There were a good amount of people disappointed when it didn’t happen, including myself. But we’ve moved on and Naito still remains as popular as ever. Of course, some people will use that to justify that Naito doesn’t need the Title to stay over. While that may be true, the fact that Naito continues to remain popular should justify that he deserves a IWGP Title run. I’m assuming Tanahashi wins the Title at Wrestle Kingdom. And I think Naito should be the guy to take it from him. Tanahashi has had a great run in 2018, but he shouldn’t be a long term Champion. How about a Naito Title win at the MSG show Wrestlemania weekend?

4. An Elevation of Sasha Banks and Bayley

We’ve seen Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Ronda Rousey elevate the women’s division to the main event spot over the last few months. At least two of those women, if not all three of them, are on their way to likely main event Wrestlemania. And it seems like at least Asuka is also on her way up in the women’s division after winning the Smackdown Live Women’s Title. So who should be next? The answer to that should be Sasha Banks and Bayley. They seem to be the forgotten women of both women’s divisions. Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax and even Natalya have passed them on the RAW side of things. But Sasha and Bayley are two of the most talented wrestlers on the  roster. They were put in one of the worst storylines of the year that lasted half of it. And now they are friends again. I hope they become the first women’s tag team Champions. It would be a start to get them more recognition and elevate them further up the card, especially with a Four Horsewomen vs Four Horsewomen feud on the horizon.

5. Goodbye Brock Lesnar

This is my final wish, and I know that I’m not the only wrestling fan who wants this for Christmas. Brock Lesnar has held the WWE, RAW and the Universal Title hostage now for the last couple months. And he has held it hostage for most of his last few years in the WWE. And I always maintain that Brock not being around with the Universal Title is part of the problem with RAW. You don’t have to have your Champion there every week, but he should be there 80% of the time. When Brock puts a full effort into a match he can have good ones. I liked his match with Daniel Bryan at Survivor Series. But I firmly believe that the WWE isn’t getting their money’s worth with Brock Lesnar. I know the Elite just turned down a WWE offer according to Dave Meltzer. But imagine if they could have used Brock’s money to offer more to the Elite? I know they would have made for more interesting TV compared to Brock jumping up and down while Paul Heyman talks. Here’s hoping that 2019 is the end of Brock Lesnar in the WWE.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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