WWE TLC 12.16.18: Five Thoughts w/Justin C

1. What Now For New Day?

So Xaiver Woods took the pinfall in the triple threat tag team title match which allowed The Bar to retain the Titles. It was the right move to make. It lets the Usos get a proper match for the Titles. But that leads us to the New Day. What exactly is left for them to do in the tag team division on Smackdown? You could even make the argument that if they went to RAW they wouldn’t even be fresh there. Something needs to be done with the New Day to make them seem relevant. Jokes and pancakes can only get them so far. I’ve been done with the New Day for quite some time now. They either need to turn heel, or start going after singles titles on Smackdown. I don’t need to see them in every single tag team title match from now until the end of time.

2. A Proper Ending to the Baron Corbin Angle

The Braun/Corbin match played out pretty much exactly how I thought it would. Strowman was too hurt to compete, so instead he had everyone that Corbin wronged over the last month come out and help him. The only person missing from the beatdown was Rhyno. Of course, I don’t know why Corbin’s buddies Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley didn’t come out to help Corbin. But for the purposes of this angle it was fine. Now we just don’t need to see Corbin all over RAW for the next few weeks. I’d write him out completely until the new year at the earliest. What they need to do is just eliminate the whole heel authority figure for a very long time. There is no need for it and it just pigeon holes you into a certain way you have to write your TV. It is why Smackdown is so much better at the moment.

3. All Aboard the New Daniel Bryan Train

If you aren’t already on this wagon I don’t know what else you are waiting for. Heel Daniel Bryan continues to be great. He said he was going to replace the WWE Title before the show and I wonder if he does. But Bryan went from being a beloved face to getting some of the best heel heat in the company. People cheering him are stupid. When you are doing great heel work like Bryan is you should go out of your way to boo him. That shows that you appreciate and like his work. And I loved the small package win. Fans didn’t react to it because they aren’t programmed for that to end a wrestling match, especially a WWE Title match. I look forward to seeing who Daniel Bryan faces at the Rumble because if he keeps up his great heel work the program should be great.

4. Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins Dies A Slow Death

So you build up this match as a blood feud. So naturally, you would expect these two to go at each other like a war. Hell, this is even one of those stupid gimmick PPVs. Maybe add a gimmick to it. But nope. These two went out and had what you would consider one of the most basic wrestling matches you could think of. And the crowd wasn’t buying it one bit. The crowd did not want to see this type of match. They wanted to see these two kill each other. And then the match just continued to drag on. Once you could tell the crowd wasn’t into the match they should have been told to go home earlier. It hurt the credibility of both these guys. Especially Rollins, who is rumored to be penciled in to fight Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Getting the IC Title off Seth was the right move, but they went about it a very bad way.

5. The Women’s TLC Match Delivers On ALL Levels

Holy hell was that a brutal match. Some of the bumps these women took. Becky landed square on Charlotte’s stomach when she did the leg drop off the ladder through the announce table. Charlotte speared Asuka through the barricade that barely broke. Charlotte delivered some tough kendo stick shots to both women. It was brutal but was great at the same time. And everyone appeared to be okay at the end of the match. It was one of the better TLC matches in recent memory. With Asuka winning, I’d pretty much bank on a triple threat match at Wrestlemania between Ronda, Charlotte and Becky. While I’d prefer a triple threat match this works keeping Becky in the spotlight. Great way to end the show. And Asuka winning is a long time coming for her.

Other Notes

-The less said about the stupid Natalya angle the better.

-Even with the help, I did not think Finn Balor was beating Drew McIntyre.

-Becky getting a receipt on Nia was great.

-So there’s no way R-Truth actually comes out at #30 for the men’s Rumble right?

-Rey Mysterio beating Randy Orton leads me to believe he will be fighting Bryan at Royal Rumble.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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