WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 12.11.18 w/ The Chairman

This episode of Smackdown Live was the go home episode before TLC. Walking in we knew we were getting Charlotte Flair vs Asuka, but what else happened on Smackdown Live? Here are this week’s hits and misses.


HIT: Charlotte vs Asuka II

Tonight’s main event delivered as expected. Becky Lynch of course was at ringside scouting her opponents for TLC this Sunday. Charlotte and Asuka put on a great match. From figure fours to Asuka Locks, this was indeed a battle. Charlotte though had enough of Asuka and decided to use a kendo stick to get disqualified. Becky and Charlotte had some words before Charlotte attacked her as well. Becky of course came back for revenge and used the kendo stick herself. Asuka though took them both out and was the last one standing as the show came to a close.


MISS: Rap Battle

Usually when the Bar, Usos, and New Day get inside a wrestling ring we see great things. That wasn’t the case tonight. They did a rap battle segment that was pretty awful. Cesaro and Sheamus of course were out of their element as the Usos owned them. Once the Usos dissed the Bar to the point of no return, all three teams engaged in a brawl. Cesaro and Sheamus were the last ones standing.


HIT: Mustafa Ali Debuts

Tonight Smackdown Live was advertising a first time ever match and boy did they deliver. We got Mustafa Ali from 205 Live to take on Daniel Bryan. Bryan opened the show with another fantastic promo calling everyone fickle and reminding us the YES movement is dead. Ali came out and didn’t understand what happened to Bryan. Bryan was offended Ali drove an SUV and attacked him starting the match. Minus the annoying amount of commercials, this match was awesome. Ali looked fantastic and definitely looked like he belonged on a bigger stage. However he didn’t have enough to defeat the Wwe champion as Bryan used a chop block and a heel hook to make Ali tap.


MISS: Miz Stuck With the Best in the World

Miz has been either champion or involved in high profile feuds the better part of 2018. Unfortunately his year isn’t ending on a high note. Some reason Miz all the sudden has this weird obsession with being a tag team with Shane McMahon? Shane of course wants nothing to do with it. Sadly this is how Miz probably spends Wrestlemania this year.


HIT: Rusev Gets a Huge Pinfall

In a throw together tag team match we had Samoa Joe teaming with Shinsuke Nakamura (which was very odd by the way). Those that watched NXT knew these two had a major rivalry for the NXT Championship once upon a time ago. However since they’re heels on the main roster, all is forgiven. They took on Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe. Crazy to think TLC couldn’t have squeezed Hardv vs Joe on the card or Nakamura vs Rusev for the United States Championship because I’d rather see these matches then half the hogwash that Raw is putting out there such as Elias vs Lashley and Ruby Riott vs Natalya in a tables match. Those two don’t scream PPV to me. Either or, when it was all said and done. Rusev pinned Nakamura to secure the win. One assumes a title shot is coming, but don’t know if it will be at TLC since the card is already overflowing with matches.


MISS: False Advertisement

The E is good for this once in awhile and sure enough it happened again. People were quite angry tonight because a match between Naomi and Mandy Rose was supposed to happen. However it ended up on the cutting room floor. Just goes to show you that Smackdown Live is a quality show because it can’t squeeze everything in two hours and all those ads. Now personally Naomi and Mandy Rose doesn’t scream must see match, however there are fans out there that wanted to see it, and have the right to be upset. More than likely it’ll be on next week. Moral of the story though is don’t book something and don’t deliver (unless of course an injury comes up). The fans aren’t stupid and not addressing it is pure lazy writing. Least could’ve had Naomi interview backstage and get attacked by Mandy and Sonya Deville. One minute, maybe two and could’ve easily write the match off like that.

Anyways that concludes this weeks hits and misses. We’ll be live tweeting TLC this Sunday so check us out on Twitter. My follow is @ChairmanSV and thanks for reading.