WWE RAW 12.10.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. Seth Rollins: IWC Proxy

So Seth Rollins started RAW by pretty much cutting a promo bashing the show for the last couple of weeks. He bashed the Lucha House Rules, the Drake Maverick urination segments, no Brock Lesnar and the ratings being bad. Dave Meltzer compared it to a 2000 WCW promo. I disagree. Rollins never once broke kayfabe or brought up any behind the scenes information. Was Corbin pretty much a substitute for Vince McMahon? Yes. But unless you follow the dirtsheets then you don’t know that. Rollins was going after Corbin and in storyline terms everything made sense. Had Rollins dropped terms like “booking committee” or brought up USA Network executives then it would be different. But Rollins is clearly being built up as the face of RAW and by bringing up Brock Lesnar I think it’s pretty obvious he is going to be Brock’s challenger at Wrestlemania.

2. The Nia Jax “Push” Needs To End This Sunday

I really don’t need to see anymore Nia Jax after this Sunday. She can’t promo, so what does the WWE decide to have her do? START YELLING AT RANDOM POINTS DURING HER PROMOS. It is the stupidest shit you could imagine. Nia had a Title shot coming so I have no problem with it happening, I just want her push to end after TLC. And if we’re being honest, she should lose in seconds. Have Nia go for a punch, Ronda ducks and grabs the arm, armbar and Nia taps. If we’re being honest, no one wanted Nia to win the Battle Royal at Evolution. But here we are and we have to get this out of the way. Nia couldn’t even fall off the apron properly tonight. She should be nowhere near the spotlight.

3. And So Does The Baron Corbin Story

If TLC isn’t being built up to be the end of Baron Corbin then I don’t know what the point of all of this was. Even if Braun can’t go this Sunday, you could still book a short match with everyone going after Corbin. Heath Slater has beef with Corbin after making him a referee. Finn Balor, Elias and now Seth Rollins all do as well. All of them could take out Corbin and you can end it with Braun hitting a running powerslam on Corbin through a table for the win. It is that simple. Do whatever you want with Corbin afterwards. Just don’t have him be the main focus of RAW every week for the next two months. It is just plain bad TV. And he isn’t good enough to be on TV that much as it is.

Random Notes

-I’m still not sure how the Montreal Screwjob is connected to Natalya facing Ruby Riott this Sunday.

-If RAW was just three hours of Sasha Banks dancing to Bayley’s theme ratings would be fine.

-AOP losing the tag titles at this juncture makes zero sense given how the storyline played out. Should have built it up more.

-Honest question: If Dolph Ziggler was released tomorrow would anyone even care?

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Justin C

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