WWE NXT Highlights 12.5.18 w/ The Chairman

Big things are happening again in NXT and we don’t even have to wait for NXT Takeover Phoenix next month to see things unfold. With that being said, here are the highlights of this past episode.


Ciampa Returns and Reroutes Aleister Black to Johnny Badass

Tommaso Ciampa made his return to NXT to boast about defeating Velveteen Dream and retaining Goldie. Aleister Black however wasted no time confronting the champion and issuing a challenge. Johnny Gargano however quickly interrupted stating he wasn’t finished with Black. Ciampa of course quietly sneaks away outside the ropes and hangs out on the apron. Ciampa then continues to stir the pot between Black and Gargano. Ciampa warns Black that once Gargano gets fixated on something, he won’t let it go. Ciampa then mentions that they should’ve wrestled in the steel structure at War Games. Things of course progress to the point that Black and Gargano agree to meet inside a steel cage. Black eventually had enough of Gargano and went to hit him with the Black Mass, but Gargano quickly escaped. Ciampa though still on the apron received a Black Mass. These three are going to keep the main event scene hot in NXT.

Shayna Baszler Continues Reign of Terror 

Baszler took on Dakota Kai in the final match of the night. Match was alright, but you knew when Baszler had Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir in her corner, things weren’t going to end well for Dakota Kai. Baszler managed to choke out Dakota Kai to win and then of course the Horsewomen went in for the after match beatdown. Io Shirai ran down to the ring and made the save. It was very odd that Kairi Sane didn’t appear, but Shirai looked awesome in her brief appearance saving Dakota Kai. Eventually we’ll get that six women tag match, it’s just a matter of when.

Punishment Arrives to NXT

Punishment Martinez made his NXT debut against the King of Bros Matt Riddle to kickoff NXT. The match was good, but was unfortunately shorter than I liked. I could’ve watched these two battle for another five ten minutes easily. Punishment looked really good displaying a wide arrange of moves. He’d use typical big man moves like a clothesline, but the dude can also showcase some awesome kicks as well. This is definitely a great acquisition for NXT. Unfortunately for Punishment, he fell victim to the Bromission allowing Matt Riddle to secure another win. After the match as Riddle was walking up the ramp. He had his back turned which allowed Kassius Ohno to lay him out with the KO elbow. Clearly this rivalry isn’t over quite yet.

Few Quick Hitters

A fatal four way women’s match is in the horizon with the winner challenging Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT Takeover Phoenix. Bianca Belair has already qualified so we’ll have to wait and see who else joins in this match.

Bobby Fish addresses EC3’s comments the past week and warns EC3 to not step into the deep end.

Velveteen Dream was asked what’s next for him after his loss to Ciampa at Takeover War Games. Dream said the people loved him and that the Dream’s over. As a huge Dream fan, I’m curious what’s next for him as well.

Ricochet next week will be defending his NXT North American Championship. Against who we don’t know. We’ll find out next week.

Big things are coming in NXT and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next week. As always, follow @ChairmanSV on Twitter and thanks for reading.


Matt Riddle def Punishmen Martinez via submission

Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake def Raul Mendoza & Humberto Carrillo via pinfall

Shayna Baszler def Dakota Kai via submission