WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 12.4.18 w/ The Chairman

Things are getting intense on Smackdown Live as we get closer to TLC. Here are the hits and misses on Smackdown Live.

HIT: The New Daniel Bryan Becomes a Bigger Villain

Daniel Bryan just took his recently turned heel persona up another level on this episode of Smackdown Live. He started off on Miz TV repeating that he only used a low blow one time. Something though set Bryan off. He started berating the fans even more reminding them the YES! Movement is dead, calling them fickle, insulting them for the WHAT? chant of twenty years ago. Tore people apart for their use of plastic water bottles and eating meat showing Bryan’s environmentalist views. AJ Styles came down to the ring to confront Daniel Bryan, but strange enough Miz joined in to help Bryan with a Skull Crushing Finale to end the segment.

HIT: Styles vs Miz Main Events

In what some wrestling fans wanted to see feud for the WWE Championship before Styles lost it, he finally stepped into the ring with The Miz. The match was good, but Daniel Bryan was there for commentary. Bryan berated Byron Saxton and wants his daughter Birdie to kick every man in the groin when she gets older. Bryan’s heel persona took over the main event and pretty much the second hour of Smackdown Live tonight. Styles did manage to defeat The Miz with the Calf Crusher. Bryan however was the last man standing as he attacked Styles afterwards and even had a heel hook locked in as the show ended tonight which is a rare sight these days seeing action still as the camera faded out.

MISS: Orton Hardy Again…

While most of Smackdown Live was solid tonight, we did have to see another encounter between Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton. The match was decent, but after seeing these two have a rivalry that concluded at Hell in a Cell, I personally felt these two probably shouldn’t have wrestled again this recent. Randy Orton picked up the win of course thanks to assist from a Samoa Joe video package coming from a bar.


HIT: The Man Signs the Contract Against Charlotte and Asuka

Smackdown Live started off with Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Asuka joined by Paige to sign their contract for TLC. Sure enough the banter was exchanged between the three. Becky and Charlotte of course didn’t hold back on their rivalry. Asuka of course got involved in the discussion which made things slightly awkward. The best part was Becky bailing mid-segment after signing the contract which made Charlotte irate.


MISS: Charlotte and Asuka Tagging Up

Paige channeled her inner Teddy Long tonight after Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville confronted Charlotte and Asuka. Charlotte and Asuka were forced to team up. The match was solid and got plenty of time. Of course we seen this story not too long ago with AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan. Rivals being forced to team up don’t work and once again it proved itself here. Charlotte may or may not of hit Asuka intentionally. Asuka of course retaliated which led to Sonya Deville getting a pinfall over Charlotte. Later in the show it was announced Asuka and Charlotte would be having a Wrestlemania rematch next week so there is something to look forward to at least.


HIT: Smackdown Live Tag Team Division Delivers Triple Threat

Cesaro, Xavier Woods, and Jey Uso represented their respective teams before their big triple threat Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship clash at TLC. The match was fast paced and full of action. Xavier showed flashes of potential once again that he can go when his number is called. Cesaro once again impressed everyone with his strength swinging both Woods and Uso at the same time. However Jey was the one that walked away tonight the victor after delivering one of his superkicks to Cesaro. Next week it appears there is going to be a rap battle involving these teams. See how that goes I suppose?

That concludes the hits and misses. Follow twitter @ChairmanSV and thanks for reading.