WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 11.27.18 w/ The Chairman

After a Thanksgiving dud last week, things seemed to return to normal on Smackdown Live this week. Meaning we’re getting quality entertainment unlike Monday Night Raw, but hey at least they won Survivor Series? Anyways, here are Smackdown Live’s hit and misses.


HIT: The Man is Back!!!


One reason why Smackdown Live has flourished is because of Becky Lynch. It’s a damn shame her match against the Raw Women’s Champion at Survivor Series was ruined in the hands of a sloppy worker, but what’s done is done. Becky is still the Man and had quite an exchange of words tonight with Charlotte Flair. Paige finally intervened and made the match between the two at the upcoming TLC pay per view. However the match was also made a TLC match. Definitely excited to see the next chapter in this feud.


MISS: Asuka the Third Wheel


The other women on the Smackdown Live were tired of being overlooked. First Mandy Rose led a bunch of disgruntled heels then Naomi led a bunch of disgruntled faces. Finally Paige decided to have a battle royal with the winner getting added to the TLC match. You survey the Smackdown Live roster and outside of Becky and Charlotte it’s pretty weak. Walking in you knew Asuka was going to win and sure enough she did. Sure there were a few moments you thought maybe Sonya Deville was going to pull off the miracle, but that didn’t happen. Not sure how I feel though about Asuka getting put into the hottest feud on Smackdown Live, especially with the risk of her taking the fall is high. More than likely this is how the belt gets taken off Becky and put on Charlotte and Becky doesn’t eat the pin. Becky then can win the Royal Rumble and go after the Raw Women’s Champion at Wrestlemania. This is pretty predictable booking, but we’ll of course have to see where it ends up.


HIT: Samoa Joe Gets Personal


Jeff Hardy was acknowledged for his 20 years since joining WWE. Guess they’re going to forget his matches as an enhancement talent in the mid 1990’s and the fact he worked outside of WWE for some time? It was a nice gesture, until Samoa Joe showed up of course. Joe made sure to bring up Hardy’s past demons and frustrated how he’s getting a second chance when he hasn’t received one. Sure Joe’s forgetting his Universal title shots last year on Raw and WWE Championship shots this year, but the seeds are planted for another potentially great storyline on Smackdown Live between Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe.


MISS: Big Show Kicked Out of The Bar?


So Big Show recently betrays New Day to help Cesaro and Sheamus win the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship. Weeks later he’s at words with Cesaro because of a Thanksgiving street fight and now turned on Cesaro? The Big Show turns never end and the worst part of it all was this was done in a video package earlier in the day? Clearly somebody has no idea what to do with the Big Show.


HIT: Shinsuke Nakamura Is a Badass Again


For weeks the E has nothing for Shinsuke Nakamura and the United States Championship. Tonight he was booked to face Rusev, but instead of a match, it turned into an assault. Nakamura quickly destroyed Rusev with a savage attack and he looked great doing it. Hopefully Nakamura ends up making this a permanent thing where he just destroys people before they realize they’re wrestling. More than likely though he’ll probably be off television for a few weeks.


MISS: Lars Sullivan Isn’t the Answer


Not sure if he’s going to end up on Smackdown or not, but hyping him as the biggest free agent ever? Please! This guy is just another generic guy. Seriously! I wasn’t a fan of him in NXT and the fact he was awarded a NXT Championship match was disgusting. If Andrade “Cien” Almas and Sanity can’t get a fair shake on the main roster, no way in hell J.A.G. does. Then to make matters worse with all this dirt from his past getting brought to daylight. Hopefully he ends up on Raw so I don’t have to see him.


That concludes another Smackdown hits and misses. Follow my twitter @ChairmanSV for the latest and if you ever wanted to write about wrestling, make sure you drop a message to @HTCWrestling and with that, thanks for reading.