WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 11.20.18 w/ The Chairman

Survivor Series has come and gone and the Smackdown Live team didn’t have a very good showing getting swept on the evening. Though Xavier Woods will remind you they won the preshow match so technically they should’ve lost 6-1. Regardless, here are the hits and misses of Smackdown Live.


HIT: Daniel Bryan Has a Character Again


A heel Daniel Bryan was just what the doctor ordered. It’s been years since we’ve seen Bryan portray a heel and tonight it’s official. He took shots at the fans and blamed everyone for cheering AJ Styles while the YES! Chants were getting quieter by the week. Bryan was acting rather strange talking in third person at times and said that Daniel Bryan and the YES Movement are dead. Bryan will owe AJ Styles a rematch for the WWE Championship at TLC in a few weeks so it’ll be interesting to see where this goes next.


MISS: Another Holiday Themed Match


I don’t know what was worse. Another holiday themed match or seeing The New Day take on the Bar Show again? The Usos once again are left in the cold and we’re stuck seeing these two teams feud once again. Thanksgiving is coming up so of course New Day is dressed as pilgrims and attacking everyone with turkey and the fixins. Yep, this was not fun at all.


HIT: Orton Delivers Another Unique RKO


The main event was Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton and their first match on Smackdown in twelve years. These two have had a few encounters in recent weeks so it was only fitting they’d get the top spot. The match was alright, nothing out of the ordinary. Orton was obsessed with trying to rip off Mysterio’s mask. Near the end when Mysterio was looking like he was gaining some momentum. Mysterio went to slide into Orton on the outside, but instead Orton catches Mysterio was another crazy RKO outta nowhere. Orton of course won the match and then went for a post match attack. Orton left the ringside area with Mysterio’s mask in hand meaning there are going to be many more matches between these two in the future.


MISS: The Miz and Shane McMahon


If there is a Miz and Shane McMahon feud I’m going to lose it. Smackdown Live is limited as it is with two hours and there is absolutely no reason why Shane should be stealing time from talent such as Almas, Rusev, and countless others we don’t see. We’re not there yet, but the telling signs are there. Miz had Shane on Miz TV and proposed they should form a tag team. They ended up wrestling two local jobbers and one of them actually pinned Miz. The entire segment was terrible and Miz deserves something better than this.


HIT: Charlotte Flair’s Momentum From Survivor Series Carries Over


Charlotte was the MVP of Survivor Series in my book for decimating the Raw women’s champion also known as my nemesis and one of the downfalls of Raw. Charlotte was confronted by Paige and fined for attacking WWE officials. The Iiconics came out and Charlotte wanted to fight. Charlotte beat Billie Kay, then challenged Peyton Royce. After it looked like Charlotte was on her way to another win, Billie Kay ran in to cause a DQ. In the end though, it was Charlotte standing strong beating down both Iiconics.


MISS: Smackdown Live Women Heels Booked Horribly


Now that it seems Charlotte Flair is going down Becky Lynch’s path as a tweener of sorts and they’ve been the standard bearer of the Smackdown Live Women’s Division. If they’re not wrestling, then it’s Naomi and/or Asuka getting wins over the heels. Long story short, the booking of the Iiconics, Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville is so bad now that you know they’re going to lose every time they enter the ring. There is no threat at all. The Smackdown Live women’s roster is pathetic outside of Becky and Charlotte and I don’t see it getting fixed any time soon. They really need to shakeup the women’s divisions more than just once a year since the depth in them are much smaller than the men’s.


Overall a poor episode of Smackdown Live, definitely skippable. Missing AJ Styles and Becky Lynch didn’t help matters. Then throw in other notable absences such as Jeff Hardy, Shinsuke Nakamura, Andrade “Cien” Almas, Rusev, and many others. Hopefully this is just a one time deal since Thanksgiving is coming up and creative just didn’t give it their all. Fingers crossed we get a better show next week. As always follow my Twitter @ChairmanSV and if you want to write cool articles about wrestling, feel free to inquire by dropping a DM @HTCWrestling and with that being said, thanks for reading and have a good one.