WWE RAW 11.19.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. I’m Dreading A Full Month Of Baron Corbin

So the first hour of RAW had Baron Corbin on it the entire time. Think about that. One hour of Baron Corbin. And it seems like that is going to be the norm up to TLC. It was announced that Corbin will fight Braun Strowman at TLC with Corbin becoming permanently in charge if he wins and gone if he loses. That means no Brock Lesnar until 2019. And while Lashley and Drew McIntyre will be around, Corbin will be the top guy on RAW. That is just a sad thing to think about. Corbin is fine in his current role but he should never be in the main position where he is the top heel and the focal point of the show. But I am going to bravely sit through this next month of RAW and deal with it. Or drink. Probably that.

2. A Solid Rebound From Ronda Rousey

Last night during the Survivor Series PPV I talked about how the WWE might have a problem on their hands with Ronda Rousey. It looked like it was a one night thing. Maybe everyone at Survivor Series just saw Charlotte as Becky and popped for her kicking Ronda’s ass. But the majority of the crowd was behind Ronda tonight and she cut a good promo about Champions never backing down. She talked about facing Nia at TLC then fighting Charlotte again. She never mentioned Becky by name but did mention Champions fighting all the time and not picking and choosing their fights. So hopefully that is still happening. But it looked like Survivor Series was a one off and Ronda still has people on her side. And her performance tonight helped that.

3. The Dean Ambrose Stuff Was Just Weird

I have no idea what the WWE was trying to accomplish with the Dean Ambrose stuff tonight. First they had him drop a line about Roman “getting what he deserved” then he kept saying “what is that smell” while in Los Angeles, where wildfires are burning. But then he went typical WWE heel and started ripping on the fans and making lame and stupid jokes. It was a stupid turn of events. I wanted to see serious Dean take a dark turn and really go down a dark path with his heel turn. But in typical WWE fashion, they have no idea how to book it. They rushed the heel turn and now they are trying to stretch things out and it isn’t working so far. I had hope for this turn and once again the WWE is proving that I shouldn’t have.

Other Notes

-Elias is super over. If he can step up his game in the ring the WWE might have a star on their hands.

-Great. Week after week of pee jokes now. At least Vince is entertained.

-Pinatas? Is Vince Russo booking the Lucha House Party?

-I can’t stand this Nia Jax shit. In a way, I hope she hurts someone in the next few weeks to prove she is the dirt worst.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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