WWE Survivor Series 11.18.18: Five Thoughts w/Justin C

1. Dear WWE: You Have Not Stumbled Onto Anything Good With Nia Jax

Once the match was about half way through, I knew Nia Jax was winning. The crowd booed Nia throughout. And it was major go away heat. And by the way, Nia still can’t act the part worth a shit. This needs to result in two things: Nia losing her match to Ronda and being eliminated by Becky in the Rumble. I hope the WWE doesn’t think they found some new found heel with Nia Jax. She still can’t wrestle worth a lick. And the crowd will immediately turn on Nia if she gets any kind of major push. I’m willing to write this off as the WWE trying to capitalize on a hot story and not some kind of big time plans they have for Nia.

2. Mustafa Ali and Buddy Murphy Steal The Show

I was really hoping that these two would be given the proper amount of time to have a good match. And they definitely did. It took a little time for the crowd to warm up to the match but half way through they did. There were “This Is Awesome” and “2-0-5” chants towards the end of the match. Buddy Murphy is a, no pun intended, a budding star and I hope he gets the chance to show his skills on the main show. And Ali was good as well. Maybe Enzo saw that match and realized how awful he truly is and that he isn’t worth a damn. Hopefully there are more 205 matches on PPVs in the near future because this won definitely delivered.

3. Shane McMahon Ruins Everything

Shane McMahon has reached Brock Lesnar levels of not wanting to see him on my TV anymore. He adds absolutely nothing to these shows. His punches are shit. I don’t care about his dives and coast-to-coast anymore. He can’t wrestle for shit. I just do not care about anything that he does. And I am not looking forward to seeing him get more involved in storylines in the near future. If someone can tell me one thing that Shane adds to TV then please let me know. The fact that he was the last member of Team Smackdown and Samoa Joe was eliminated in 15 seconds is a joke.

4. I Think The WWE Has A Ronda Rousey Problem

The Charlotte/Ronda match was good. And then that ending happened. Charlotte went fully Becky Lynch on Ronda and the crowd ate it up. The announcers tried playing it off as a Charlotte heel turn, like they did with Becky, and it didn’t work. And now you have to wonder what the hell this all meant. Is Charlotte/Ronda still possible for Wrestlemania? Do they do that at the Rumble? Becky Lynch still deserves a big time match at Wrestlemania and this shouldn’t change that. But the fact that Rousey was easily booed at the end of the match might lead me to believe that the crowd is starting to turn on Ronda. I think they are turning Charlotte heel here and it starts on Tuesday, with her saying she was fed up with Becky and Ronda. But if the crowd continues to boo Ronda they have a problem.

5. Rinse and Repeat

I had zero hopes for Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar. And it looked like this was going to be a straight up squash of Daniel Bryan. And the crowd was turning on the match. But then Daniel Bryan low kicked Lesnar and the crowd started getting into the match. And then it was over. It is the same formula the WWE has been doing with Brock Lesnar for quite some time. They tried following the formula that was AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar from last year but it didn’t work. And the crowd just doesn’t care about Brock Lesnar at all any more. They NEED to get the Title off him but it isn’t happening until Wrestlemania. So we won’t be seeing Brock until Royal Rumble time again. I don’t know who is taking the Title off Brock, but it can’t come soon enough.

Other Notes

-Enzo Amore is a giant jackass. I hope they took him backstage and let the locker room work him over.

-At least the Sasha/Asuka sequence of the women’s match was good.

-I hope Vince got a good laugh out of Drake Maverick fake peeing himself. Because I didn’t.

-R-Truth was a true highlight of the night.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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