WWE NXT Takeover War Games Highlights w/ Chairman

NXT War Games was full of action. All the matches were superb as expected. With that being said, let’s break down the highlights.


Matt Riddle vs Kassius Ohno


A match that was supposed to take place this Wednesday night ended up happening tonight. Riddle came out at the start of the show and basically asked for Ohno. Ohno came out and dissed Riddle, then noticing the ref in the ring, asked for the bell to be rang. Within seconds Riddle knocked down Ohno and stole a quick win. I’m only going to assume we’ll see these two wrestle again in a match with more time, but this happened.


Shayna Baszler vs Kairi Sane (NXT Women’s Championship, 2 out of 3 Falls)


The fifth meeting between the two rivals was one to remember. The first fall happened fairly quickly because Baszler had her friends Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir show up and made their presence known. The ref was distracted, Baszler’s friends attacked, and Sane had to tap out once Baszler locked in her submission. Sane though evened the odds with the Insane Elbow. Sure enough we were down to the final fall and Baszler’s friends were going to make sure she didn’t lose. Dakota Kai however ran out to make sure Kairi wasn’t at a disadvantage any longer and Io Shirai came out and delivered one of the best moonsaults I ever seen to take everybody out. Just left Sane and Baszler then and Sane went for the Insane Elbow, but somehow Baszler countered it into a rollup pin as Sane came down and Shayna Baszler retained the NXT Women’s Championship.


Aleister Black vs Johnny Gargano


Gargano paid homage to another Marvel character, this time the Punisher. This match was a roller coaster with phenomenal storytelling. The mind game usage was unreal. Gargano would taunt Black with his signature sitting pose. Black would tell Johnny to hit him with his best shot. Both men ended up on the outside, both men were hitting big moves. This was a great match. In the end though, it was Black with the Black Mass not once, but twice. He sent his message to Johnny Gargano and took him out, We don’t know what’s next for both of these men, but Black got his revenge tonight against the man who cost him a part of his career.


Tommaso Ciampa vs Velveteen Dream


Dream once again pays homage to Hulk Hogan, this time Hollywood Hogan being NXT Takeover was in Los Angeles. The match started slow and more mind games, but once things got going, it went hard. So many times there were close finishes. Dream was using moves from past wrestlers all night long, Ciampa was trying to survive. At one point the belt got involved in the action as Ciampa was trying to leave, but Dream stopped him. Dream accidently hit his twisting DDT onto the belt, but the ref let the match continue, but Ciampa prevailed. So many times we thought Velveteen Dream or Tommaso Ciampa was going to win. Dream though made one mistake and it was a costly mistake. Similar to his Takeover match against Ricochet, he went for bank with his elbow off the top and missed. This time he landed on the outside and Ciampa took Dream back into the ring and busted Dream’s head on the steel between the two rings to survive.


Undisputed Era vs Ricochet, War Raiders, and Pete Dunne


Adam Cole and Ricochet started the match, but eventually Undisputed Era got the advantage when Kyle O’Reilly entered the match. Pete Dunne wanted in bad, but Hanson was in next. Roderick Strong was the next man in then Rowe. Lastly for Undisputed Era was Bobby Fish and he made an impact by using their lock to lock up Pete Dunne and tossing the key. Fish then grabbed Undisputed Era chairs from under the ring and the beating took place. This was a premeditated assault. The refs finally managed to find bolt cutters and let Dunne free. Before Dunne entered though, he tossed many weapons into the ring. The match was solid showing of all four men. Hanson was doing some incredible things once again. There were a couple of big spots I didn’t care for with the multi man powerbomb off the cage and then Ricochet doing a flip to take everyone out as they stood. In the end though it was Pete Dunne with the Bitter End followed by Ricochet coming in and both hitting Adam Cole and a double pinfall secured the win for their team. For one night, Dunne and Ricochet were on the same team and got the job done. However will these two compete again in a champion vs champion match?


Overall NXT War Games was a solid show. I was personally disappointed Velveteen Dream didn’t win the NXT Championship, but the show must go on. No way Survivor Series touches this show, but they’ll get their chance Sunday. Follow my twitter @ChairmanSV for the latest tweets and thanks for reading.