WWE NXT Highlights 11.14.18 w/ The Chairman

We just witnessed the last episode of NXT before NXT War Games this Saturday. A good portion of this show was devoted to video packages hyping up all the big matches coming up including the NXT Championship match between Tommaso Ciampa vs Velveteen Dream, Johnny Gargano vs Aleister Black, and the NXT Women’s Championship Two Out of Three Falls match between Shayna Baszler and Kairi Sane. We also know the Undisputed Era will take on the team of Ricochet, Pete Dunne, and War Raiders Hanson and Rowe in a War Games match. What we don’t know is who is getting the advantage and on this go home episode we find out just that. Here are this week’s highlights.


The Advantage Goes To…


The Undisputed Era decided to nominate Kyle O’Reilly to represent them in the big main event match. Ricochet and Pete Dunne were having a dispute on who was going to step up for their team. Rowe yelled ENOUGH to stop the bickering leading Hanson to step up and say he’s taking the match. The match itself was solid. Hanson definitely moves well for a big man and O’Reilly of course focused on key spots so he could work his submissions. We all know though this match wasn’t going to stay one on one. Adam Cole came out and distracted Hanson when he was up on the top rope looking for a big move. This led to O’Reilly getting a brief advantage until Rowe came out and evened the odds. Moments later Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish came out and attacked Rowe. Pete Dunne made his way to ringside, but even the odds were too much for him. Ricochet came from the other side and entered the ring following up with a suicide flip to the outside taking everybody down. With all the chaos at ringside however, O’Reilly used a championship belt to take out Hanson and steal the victory with the referee not seeing the belt being used. The Undisputed Era now will receive the advantage at the War Games match this Saturday.


The EST of NXT Meets the Blasian Baddie


After their encounter backstage last week, Bianca Belair took on Mia Yim. Belair makes sure to remind everyone that she is undefeated and wants her opportunity at the NXT Women’s Championship. Yim of course wants to not only be the first to beat Belair, but I’m sure she wants to get noticed for a future title opportunity as well. The match was a great way to kick off the show. There were some moments where the action slowed down a bit more to my liking, but overall it was fresh and enjoyable. In the end though it was Belair with the K.O.D. to beat Yim and remain un-de-fea-ted. More than likely Belair will be wrestling at an NXT Takeover event at some point in 2019 for the NXT Women’s Championship.


The King of Bros Will Meet Ohno


Matt Riddle was interviewed backstage and had another encounter with Kassius Ohno. It’s clear these two don’t like each other and on NXT next week, we will be seeing these two go at it one on one. I’m excited to see Riddle again and a feud with Ohno is definitely a good first feud for the King of Bros. Those that have the privilege of going to NXT War Games live will of course get to see this match before the show.




Here’s who I think is going to win this Saturday.


Undisputed Era def Ricochet, Pete Dunne, War Raiders


Kairi Sane def Shayna Baszler to win NXT Women’s Championship


Aleister Black def Johnny Gargano (i’m back and forth with this one lol)


Tommaso Ciampa def Velveteen Dream to retain NXT Championship (my heart wants Dream, but my brain says Ciampa)


Decent episode of NXT where we got two solid matches and some hype for NXT War Games. Follow my twitter @ChairmanSV as I will be live tweeting along with the show and thanks for reading.



Bianca Belair def Mia Yim


Lacey Evans def Karissa Rivera

Kyle O’Reilly def Hanson