Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey Reportedly Off WWE Survivor Series

Just when you thought Survivor Series might actually be interesting.

Multiple reports have come out that Becky Lynch is off the WWE Survivor Series card this Sunday. The news was first reported by Sean Ross Sapp at Dave Meltzer has since confirmed the story. It is believed that Lynch suffered a broken nose and a possible concussion. There is no word on where this leaves Ronda Rousey but I’m assuming she will still be on Survivor Series in some capacity.

For those of you that saw RAW, Becky Lynch ended up a bloody mess at the end of the show. It was not none immediately how Lynch suffered the injury. But since then fan footage has come out showing when the incident took place.

JC’s Take: That’s a straight forearm. That isn’t an inadvertent elbow. The fact that Nia injured Becky on a simple shot like that is pretty embarrassing. This also isn’t the first time Nia Jax has injured an opponent in the ring. I’ve got a lot to say on this matter, and you can listen to the HTCWrestling Podcast tomorrow for my full thoughts. I don’t think this halts Becky’s momentum. But the fact that the hottest match on the show, and one that was likely to be the main event, is now off is awful. And someone needs to pay for it.

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