WWE RAW 11.12.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. The Riott Squad Is Toast

Sorry, I’ve held out as long as I could. But there is no saving The Riott Squad on the main roster. Ruby came out and cut the most paint by the numbers fake sympathy promo she could have possibly cut tonight. And the fans just didn’t care. And she could not deliver it any worse. And I don’t care that she is on the women’s Survivor Series team. She’s a good wrestler and Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan are serviceable. But as a group they have been treated like complete geeks since their debut. I wanted Ruby to win the MITB briefcase this year but that didn’t happen. They were treated as geeks by Ronda. And they will eventually get fed to Natalya. They are young so maybe they’ll recover. But it is going to be quite a long time before that eventually happens.

2. Dean Ambrose Explains Things Just Fine

I had to rewatch Dean’s promo because I missed it live and just caught the highlights on Twitter. Ambrose was good. He didn’t call out anything from Reigns and didn’t make Rollins look weak at all. He pretty much said that The Shield overall made him weak, when he thought it would make him stronger. Ambrose didn’t dive into anything crazy. He seemed perfectly fine doing what he did and delivering the promo the way that he did. It is clear that Ambrose wants to get into the head of Rollins with Survivor Series on the horizon. Rollins was good here too. I thought it was the first step of progress in this feud. It looks like they are ready to kick things into another gear after Survivor Series.

3. Survivor Series Means Nothing With No Stipulations

They can talk about brand supremacy all they want. And sure that end with the women invading was cool (outside of Charlotte and Becky fighting side by side). But when it boils down to it, Survivor Series overall doesn’t mean jack shit. It would mean so much more if there was something on the line. Like, say that whichever team loses the RAW and Smackdown men and women’s matches is automatically slotted into the 1-10 spots in the Rumble and the winning team is slotted into spots 21-30. How about the winner of the Seth Rollins/Nakamura match gets a Title shot at the next PPV? I don’t know what you could do for the other champion vs champion matches but something could be done. While it will be a good show on paper, overall the show just doesn’t have much of a meaning when it is all set and done.

Random Thoughts

-The treatment of Ember Moon continues to baffle me. She should have stayed in NXT if this was going to be the case. She hasn’t gotten any semblance of even a minor push since coming up to the main roster.

-There continues to be nothing more pointless then Survivor Series captains but at least they are keeping the pairing of Roode and Gable together.

-Did anyone else get worried that Brock was going to toss a Singh Brother into the tenth row?

-Oh man I hope Becky’s nose is okay. But she came off as such a badass there at the end of the show.

-And here I was hoping we would get one PPV where we wouldn’t have to listen to Lio Rush hype up Lashley.

-But at least Finn Balor is on the show!

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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