WWE NXT Highlights 11.7.18 w/ The Chairman

We’re a week closer to NXT War Games and on this episode of NXT, another match has been added to an already stacked card. We also see a few new feuds brewing and does Velveteen Dream survive Lars Sullivan?


NXT Women’s Championship Match Added to NXT War Games


NXT War Games is already looking amazing with Tommaso Ciampa vs Velveteen Dream for the NXT Championship, Aleister Black vs Johnny Gargano, and the War Games match between Undisputed Era taking on War Raiders, Pete Dunne, and Ricochet. William Regal tonight announced NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler defending the title against Kairi Sane. However Regal added the two out of three falls stipulation. It’s no secret Baszler and Sane have had a few controversial finishes. With this great stipulation added, we’ll get a definite winner once in for all between these two.


Does the Dream Survive the Freak Accident?


In the main event, Lars Sullivan challenged the number one contender Velveteen Dream. Sullivan was not pleased when the Dream got the title shot against Ciampa at War Games and vowed to destroy the Dream and take his place. Lars Sullivan sure enough used his power to beat down the smaller Velveteen Dream. Dream however used his athleticism and heart to keep going against Sullivan. Dream managed to hit the Dream Valley Driver with a late burst of strength and looked to finish the match with the Purple Rainmaker. Ciampa however ran down to the ring and Dream took Ciampa out instead. The distraction however was enough for Sullivan to take advantage and earn a huge pinfall victory over Dream. After the match, Ciampa went in to pick the bones. Ciampa was looking to take Dream out, but Dream managed to save himself. Dream hit a spinning DDT to Ciampa on the title and went for a Purple Rainmaker before the referees ran in to stop the brawl. Dream was escorted to the back, but quickly ran up and hit the Purple Rainmaker. Dream then hoisted the title and the crowd loved it. It was a cool moment to see, whether it’ll be a reality after War Games remains to be seen.


New Faces in NXT Not Welcome


There were a few segments over the course of the show highlighting some of the newest members of NXT. One of them featured Mia Yim backstage getting interviewed, Bianca Belair however wasn’t impressed and reminded us all against that she’s undefeated. The two had a brief exchange of words and now it’s official for next week. Mia Yim takes on Bianca Belair. This will be a huge match for the NXT Women’s division and definitely one to see. The other was Matt Riddle and Keith Lee talking about Riddle’s debut and they ran into Kassius Ohno. Ohno said he likes to break shiny new toys referring to Lee and Riddle. More than likely Ohno is going to feud with maybe one of these wrestlers, if not both in the near future.


Major Announcement Regarding War Games Match


William Regal had another announcement regarding War Games near the end of the show stating that next week each team will select one wrestler to wrestle in a match with the winner receiving the advantage in the War Games match. I’m assuming Adam Cole being the leader of Undisputed Era steps up for his team, though Cole could always throw say Roderick Strong in there. As for War Raiders, Ricochet, and Pete Dunne. I have no idea how they’re going to agree on who gets the opportunity considering they’re a throw together team of sorts. Curious to see who steps into the ring next week, let alone who wins.


Johnny Breaks His Silence


Johnny Gargano had a video explaining his actions on why he attacked Aleister Black. Gargano ironically enough was filming from the scene of his attack. Gargano claimed that Black was standing in his way of getting to Tommaso Ciampa and now that Gargano got a taste of the darkness, he kind of liked it. As for Gargano’s wife, Candice was confronted about Johnny and she had no comment on the matter. Candice however had some questions for Nikki Cross and wants to get her in the ring. NXT events usually showcase five matches and we have four, so our final match could very well be Candice LeRae vs Nikki Cross. Also with Nikki showing up on Smackdown Live this past week, this could possibly be Nikki’s final NXT match should it get booked.


This was another great episode of NXT to start to finish. There was a decent amount of build towards NXT War Games, but also some of the other NXT superstars got a chance to showcase their skills. I was impressed with the opening match between Heavy Machinery and the Forgotten Sons. Once again NXT shows how great their tag team division is. Next week is the go home show before NXT War Games and I’m excited to see where things go next. As always, follow my Twitter @ChairmanSV for my latest tweets and thanks for reading.




Heavy Machinery def Forgotten Sons


Dakota Kai def Taynara Conti


Lars Sullivan def Velveteen Dream