WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 11.6.18 w/ The Chairman

After Crown Jewel left a bad taste in the mouth of many wrestling fans, I was pretty nervous about watching Smackdown Live tonight. I’ve started boycotting Raw again due to a poor decision on where the Universal Championship is and will continue to do so until the title changes hands. With that being said, Smackdown Live tonight was a great episode from top to finish so instead of hits and misses this week, here are the highlights of this week’s show.


Miz and Daniel Bryan Must Co-Exist


After watching these two try to get the edge on one another for the longest time, now they must get along for the benefit of Smackdown Live at Survivor Series. It was a fun night watching the co-captains piece together a team. Of course the egotistical Shane McMahon has to wrestle on the Smackdown Live Survivor Series team taking a spot from one of the many talents on the blue brand. So get ready to watch his stupid little punches again. Rey Mysterio was considered if he impressed The Miz in his match against Andrade “Cien” Almas, which he did. Randy Orton of course still bitter from losing to Rey at Crown Jewel hit an RKO outta nowhere so more than likely there’s a feud in the works here. The main event was between Bryan’s pick Jeff Hardy against Miz’s pick Samoa Joe where the winner received the final spot on the team. Joe won the match, but Daniel Bryan attacked Joe for winning. Sure enough Bryan and Miz went at it and Bryan accidentally took down Shane who ran in the ring. There is definitely some combustible elements here and it’s almost a shame the build to Survivor Series is going to be so short, because I really want to see how long Miz and Daniel Bryan have to stay civil for the greater good of Survivor Series.


The Man Calls Out Ronda and Meets a New Face


Becky Lynch responded to the comments ronda made on Raw last night and easily put her in her place. Hands down Becky is going to win the promo department time and time again. Becky was so fired up she issued an open challenge. So here I’m wondering who is going to come out? All the sudden Sanity’s theme plays (they’re still on Smackdown Live?) and right away I thought, they’re finally using Nikki Cross and sure enough she appeared. Becky and Nikki had a fun conversation to get the match started and these two went all out. This is definitely a rivalry I could get behind if it ever became a long term thing. Sure enough Becky made Nikki tap out and the only question remains is Nikki a permanent addition to Smackdown Live or is this a one off deal? Nikki would definitely add some substance to a subpar women’s division outside of Becky and Charlotte. Mainly because creative has killed everybody else, though….


Mandy Rose Puts the Women’s Division on Blast


Paige announced the women’s team to compete at Survivor Series. Carmella, Naomi, Asuka, Sonya Deville, and Charlotte Flair. All the women came to the ring except for Charlotte, who’s still playing her woe is me gimmick. Mandy Rose came out and addressed all the women in the ring and asking Paige why Sonya got a spot when Mandy eliminated her in the battle royal at Evolution. She then took a shot at Asuka calling her the Empress of Yesterday, took a shot at Carmella’s title reign (though it was actually a fairly lengthy reign compared to many others…) and then got personal with Naomi which led to a brawl. I’m interested to see where this goes. From the looks of it, Mandy Rose could be getting a huge push? She can definitely get the heat if she keeps doing promos like she did tonight opposed to trying to annoy everyone like they’re doing with the Iiconics. Smackdown Live is definitely lacking a strong heel in the women division because trying to turn Becky Lynch heel is the most laughable thing ever so they’re going to have to try something else.


Overall Smackdown Live was a great episode and there were even some brief promos from AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura regarding their upcoming Survivor Series matches as well. Definitely hope the momentum keeps going for Smackdown Live and with that being said, thanks for reading and follow my Twitter @ChairmanSV for my latest thoughts.