WWE RAW 11.5.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. No Universal Champion Made This Show Not Interesting 

With Brock Lesnar once again Universal Champion, RAW took a complete dip in anything interesting. Braun was chasing around Corbin for costing him the Title. And while Seth calling out Brock for not being there might have been interesting, I have zero faith in the WWE actually doing Rollins vs Brock at any point. There is once again pretty much zero purpose for anything on RAW. And with Survivor Series back to being RAW vs Smackdown, the interest level for anything in brand won’t be interesting until after that show. RAW could have been relevant with Braun Strowman as Champ and Brock Lesnar back to training for the UFC. But instead Brock Lesnar has turned Vince McMahon into his personal ATM and the fans have to suffer because of it.

2. The RAW Women’s Division Is As Big A Mess As The Tag Division

It is quite clear that there is a pecking order in the RAW Women’s division. Ronda Rousey is at the top, followed by Alexa Bliss, and then there is everyone else. And the WWE hasn’t given us a reason to care about the rest. Nia turned heel with Tamina, and it may be the most uninteresting tag team ever. The Riott Squad has been treated as complete jobbers. Sasha Banks and Bayley have nothing significant going on. And they made Ember Moon look like a jobber tonight. They are setting up tag teams for the Women’s Tag Titles whenever they debut, but at the same time they are watering down the women’s divisions on RAW and Smackdown. The WWE needs to elevate someone not named Nia up to be on the same level as Ronda and Alexa, and it isn’t happening.

Speaking of Ronda, I liked her promo tonight and I look forward to Becky’s response tomorrow. There is no way Charlotte and Ronda will match the intensity of their promos.

3. Kurt Angle Should Not Be Back Full Time Like This

I briefly mentioned this in my review of Crown Jewel but I will expand on it here. Kurt Angle does not belong in a WWE ring full time anymore. I saw his match with Dolph Ziggler and his match tonight with Drew McIntyre. Every time he takes a bump I’m worried that his body is going to explode. Not only that, but he has now lost in two straight matches and I have no clue what the WWE is trying to do with him. Angle moves around much too slow nowadays to keep up with guys in the ring. Sure they can slow down their pace for him but it just makes the match look slow. I would have been fine with Angle wrestling a one off retirement match at Wrestlemania but if he is going to be in the ring every week on RAW then it is going to ruin any kind of caring the audience has for him.

Other Notes

-If you still want to push Apollo Crews why the hell did you have him lose to Elias a couple weeks ago? Makes no sense. Of course most of what WWE does doesn’t make sense.

-Elias is going to have to step up his wrestling if he wants a sustained singles push.

-I’m here for businesswoman Alexa Bliss. That might be the best she’s ever looked.

-Who thinks giving Nia a live mic is smart every week?

-I think it is too soon to put the Tag Titles on AOP. I would have put them on the Revival.

-They are really going to stretch out this Seth/Dean story aren’t they?

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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