The HTCWrestling Staff Answers: What Trade Would You Make Between Promotions?

A couple of weeks ago there was a “trade” made between two MMA promotions that saw two fighters switch promotions for the first time in MMA history. So that got the HTCWrestling Staff thinking. If you could make a trade between two wrestling promotions, who would you trade?

Cam: I’d trade Adam “Hangman” Page to the WWE for Finn Balor going back to NJPW. Hangman Page, when compared to Finn Balor, fits the typical WWE star mold more than Finn. While Finn is a constant fan favorite with children and adults alike, he just never regained his momentum after the injury he suffered a few years ago. Page has the typical look that Vince and others inside the WWE look for when signing talent. Page’s intangibles have grown a lot over the past year, making him a valuable talent to the WWE. Page can also play the bad guy or the good guy in any given situation.

The Chairman: If I was going to swap a superstar in the WWE to acquire someone from another promotion, I would give Shinsuke Nakamura back to NJPW to acquire Kenny Omega. It’s clear to me after the AJ Styles/Nakamura feud that Nakamura probably isn’t going to become WWE Champion. Sure he currently has the United States Championship, but he hasn’t had a meaningful feud since he beat Jeff Hardy for the Title. I figure he could go back to New Japan and become a main event superstar again and in exchange the WWE would get Kenny Omega. The dream matches with Omega against the talent in the WWE/NXT is off the wall. Omega is also one of the outside the WWE walls in my opinion that could come in and make an immediate impact, similar to AJ Styles.

Justin C: It is tough with there only really being two main promotions nowadays. But Impact still has some regulars on it. So I’m going to send Tessa Blanchard from Impact to the WWE in exchange for Asuka. As sad as it is to say, Asuka is pretty much ruined in the WWE. Sure they could try to build her back up. But at this point I don’t see the WWE doing that. Tessa Blanchard oozes superstar potential every time I see her. I think she would blend in perfectly on the WWE roster. Asuka can go to Impact and have good matches with the rest of the talent there and maybe build herself up as THE woman on Impact’s roster within a few months.