WWE Crown Jewel: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. Well It Was A Fun Few Weeks With The Universal Title On RAW Full Time

I’m kind of at a loss for words here. I’m stunned that Brock Lesnar ended up winning the Universal Title. Not only that, but Braun Strowman was made to look like a complete goof in the entire process. He gets blind-sided by Baron Corbin before the bell. Then he gets almost zero offense in outside of a boot to the face. Sure he took five F5’s but in the end this pretty much buried Braun Strowman on the main roster. Remember when he was the most over guy they had? I don’t even want to see a rematch at Wrestlemania. But now we are back to part timer Brock as Champion. The only solace I take in this is we get Brock vs AJ at Survivor Series again. But RAW just became uninteresting again with this result.

2. The WWE Can’t Even Book An Already Shitty Tournament The Right Way

So listen, I had no interest in this World Cup tournament at all. But it did end up getting a fairly significant chunk of TV time dedicated to it and it seemed like they were making a big deal out of it. First, they have Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz as the Finals. Then they have Miz get injured, which I think was him faking it so he didn’t get fired. Then Shane McMahon says that the Finals need to go on. So Shane steps in and ends up winning the match in two minutes. LOL. The announcers ripped on Shane for it. That makes me think Shane is suppose to be a heel after this. And I’m assuming this is to build up the RAW vs Smackdown angle for Survivor Series. But this just makes everything an even bigger joke when most people already thought it was a joke anyways.

3. Well At Least Shawn Michaels Looked Decent

That is about the only positive thing I can say about that tag team match. Everything else seemed like a jumbled mess. It was moving at a snail’s pace the entire time. There were a handful of blown spots, including one comical one with Triple H and Undertaker attempting to throw each other into the barricade. And Kane’s mask and wig coming off. And neither Kane or Undertaker catching Shawn Michaels on a moonsault. But Shawn Michaels still showed a bit of spring in his step. And I think if he stepped in the ring with a current full time roster member he wouldn’t look out of place one bit. The baldness is freaky, but he looked much better than the other three guys. It isn’t saying much, but they’ve wrestled more recently.

Other Notes

-Kurt Angle looked done. I hate to say it. But even in a short glorified house show match the guy looked like he could barely move.

-Okay now go with what I mentioned on the HTCPodcast this week: Turn New Day heel and get them away from the tag team division.

-Hey Rey, when you screw up the same unique roll up twice you should probably not try it anymore.

-They can’t even avoid CM Punk chants in Saudi Arabia!

-I bet Vince was pissing himself nervous about Hulk Hogan possibly saying Saudi Arabia with a live mic.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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