Lucha Underground Review 10.31.18: Ultima Lucha Cuatro Part 1

We get some Aerostar time traveling. He visits Captain Vasquez and says that he needs her half of the amulet in order to save the world. Vasquez eventually gives the amulet to Aerostar, and she eventually fades away into dust.

Tornado Tag for the Trios Championship: The Reptile Tribe (c) vs The Rabbit Tribe vs XO Lishus, Ivelisse and Sammu Guavara

The White Rabbit takes out everyone to start the match. On the outside he slams Kobra Moon into the post. El Bunny comes in and hurricarranas Daga then hits a springboard dive to the outside. Dives are followed up with XO, Sammy and Ivelisse. Sammy and Kobra Moon brawl above the entrance overhang. Sammy then hits a Spanish fly off the overhang onto everyone on the outside. The White Rabbit then throws Sammy in after choking him with his white hand glove. The White Rabbit then tosses in El Bunny, but Paul London trips over him and Sammy pins London to eliminate the Rabbit Tribe. The White Rabbit comes in and chokes out Sammy.

***The Rabbit Tribe Is Eliminated***

Sammy ends up spitting up blood as they call for a medic. Sammy is gone when we get back from commercial so it is 3-on-2. Ivelisse gets a hope spot in after miscommunication between Daga and Kobra Moon. Ivelisse hits a crossbody on Jeremiah and Kobra Moon then a Code Red on Daga for two. Kobra tosses Ivelisse on the outside as the Reptile Tribe surrounds XO. XO tries fighting them off but they all end up hitting their finishers on XO and Ivelisse is intercepted by Kobra. XO taps out.

WINNERS and Still Trios Champions: The Reptile Tribe- Some nice high spots but nothing major to write home about.

Ricky Mundo vs Taya

Taya charges at Ricky to start the match and takes him out. Ricky ends up ducking a clothesline and hitting a superkick. Ricky ends up pulling a table out from under the ring. Taya ends up jumping off the announce table and catching Ricky with a kick. Some more action back in the ring and Taya wins with a stepover crossface.

WINNER: Taya- Nothing to see here.

Taya ends up chokeslamming Ricky off the apron through the table after the match.

Mask vs Mask: Son of Havoc vs Killshot

They exchange forearms early on. Son of Havoc hits a handstand moonsault over the ropes to the outside. They brawl for a little bit on the outside before getting back into the ring. Son of Havoc goes for his springboard cutter but Killshot hits a modified GTS. Killshot hits the Killstomp off the top for two. Killshot walks out of the ring and gets a stretcher then unhooks the bottom rope/turnbuckle so he can get it into the ring. Son of Havoc catches Killshot with a backbreaker. They go back to the outside. Son of Havoc gets a table ad sets it up in the entrance.

Both men take turns throwing each other into the railing. Killshot takes too long climbing the railing and Son of Havoc gets up and they brawl on the railing. Son of Havoc punches Killshot down onto the table. Son of Havoc jumps off the overhang over the entrance and dives through Killshot on the table. They get back in the ring and Son of Havoc only gets two. Son of Havoc gets crotched on the top by Killshot. Son of Havoc is able to counter Killshot on the top and hit a firemen’s carry off the top then just connects on a shooting star press but only gets two. Son of Havoc puts Killshot on the stretcher but Killshot crotches him again. Killshot hits a superplex onto the stretcher, then the Kill Stomp and a package cradle driver but only gets two.

There is an exchange of blows again until Son of Havoc hits his springboard cutter. He then piledrives Killshot on the stretcher and straps him to it. Son of Havoc then hits a Shooting Star Press on Killshot and gets the win.

Killshot says his name his Lt. James Killshot Strickland. And that for the last few years he has been trying to hide his identity because he didn’t want it known he left his brothers for dead. Killshot takes off his own mask and hands it to Son of Havoc.

WINNER: Son of Havoc- The post match was very well done. But again, I was disappointed in the actual match. I was expecting the match to be a fast paced back and forth affair but instead it was very slow moving and just a giant spot fest. Even trying to build it up as these two sacrificing everything, it didn’t work for me.

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