WWE Evolution PPV: Five Thoughts w/Justin C

1. I Would’ve Put Someone Else Over In The Battle Royal

Nia Jax won the Battle Royal and I get why they did. But I would have used the opportunity to put someone else over in that spot. The match called for a future Title opportunity. It didn’t have to be right away from my understanding. My guess is that they are going back to the Nia/Ronda well at Survivor Series. But they could have let Ember Moon win. The crowd was fully behind her. Same with Asuka. Let Ember get a couple wins under her belt and then face Ronda at the Rumble, where the Rumble sells itself. I always say you can take risks on Title matches at the Rumble and this could have been the case. Or you could have even had Ember win and cross over brands. But hopefully the WWE gives Ember Moon more of a push after the reaction she got tonight.

2. Toni Storm Is Going To Be A Big Deal

I know she is currently a part of the NXT UK show. But Toni Storm is going to be a big deal if she ever gets the chance to be on the main roster. She has the charisma to get over with the crowd. She started winning over the crowd during the match where you could tell that the crowd wasn’t really sure who they were or who to cheer for. Add to the fact that she is only 23 years old and she has plenty of room to grow in the future. I look forward to watching her in the years ahead. I do wish her and Io got another five minutes or so.

3. Kairi Sane and Shayna Baszler Delivered

The NXT Women’s Title match delivered in a big way. While I thought the Mae Young Finals got shorted time, these two were given just the right amount. Shayna had the crowd booing her within minutes. She has that evil heel act down to a tee. Meanwhile, Kairi Sane plays the small underdog role perfectly. I wasn’t too big of a fan of the ending with the other Four Horsewomen (minus Ronda) helping Shayna win. I thought Shayna might be main roster bound after tonight but it looks like she will be sticking around NXT. My guess is until at least Wrestlemania at this point. I can see Kairi going through the other Four Horsewomen to get to Shayna again.

4. Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair Had The Perfect End To Their Feud

This match was the main event. And it 100% delivered. Both women brought their A game to this match. They showed the passion and intensity that a Last Woman Standing match should have. It was brutal at times and looked like both women really wanted to kill each other. This has been the feud of the year in the WWE. No doubt about it. I was nervous when they had Becky walk away and then act super scared when Charlotte made her “Super Cena” comeback. And it looked and sounded like the energy had been sucked out of the crowd. But then Becky popped back up and powerbombed Charlotte off the top through the table for the win. The crowd ate it up, and Becky continues to have that “It” factor that is making her the top woman in the company. Hopefully she doesn’t take a backseat come Wrestlemania time. But this was a great story told from beginning to end.

5. Ronda Rousey Is Such A Natural

I really wasn’t a fan of the layout of the Ronda/Nikki match. Ronda sold for Nikki the entire match then Ronda makes a counter into an armbar for the win. But damn if Ronda doesn’t look like she’s been doing this for over ten years. She comes off as so smooth in the ring. I mean this was still Ronda’s weakest PPV match and she still looked good in it. They appeared to be going right to the Ronda/Nia well again after this match by showing Nia backstage watching Ronda celebrate. I hope Ronda sticks around for a few years because she is only going to get better and better.

Overall, I thought this was the best main roster show that the WWE has done all year. Becky/Charlotte was great. The Mae Young Finals and NXT Title matches were very good. And everything else was good to passable. A solid night of wrestling all around. It felt more like a NXT show than a WWE show.

Other Notes

-Mickie James yelling at Alicia Fox for miss timing a pin breakup looked bad.

-I really thought there was going to be a tease of a Sasha/Bayley breakup with what happened during the match. But then they ended up winning so I’m wrong.

-To add to that I would have liked to see the Riott Squad win. They needed it.

-Michael Cole saying Becky Lynch has a “cult like following” when 90% of the crowd is cheering her is laughable.

-I knew it was coming, but advertising Crown Jewel during this show was so stupid. Good on the crowd for booing it too.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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