Smackdown Live Hits and Misses w/ The Chairman 10.23.18

Evolution is coming this Sunday and Crown Jewel isn’t too far behind. After a crazy Raw, here’s my thoughts on what the blue brand did for Smackdown Live 1,001.


HIT: Becky Invades NXT


The one good storyline leading up to this Sunday’s Evolution is the ongoing feud between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. Charlotte was down at the NXT facility giving the up and coming talent some advice. Becky of course shows up and tells them not to listen to Charlotte and listen to Becky because she’s the champ. They of course brawl and Charlotte later in a video message called out Becky’s actions. This last women standing match between these two will hands down steal the show and should be the main event. Unfortunately some fake plastic trees instead will be planted in the main event.


MISS: Are You Ready to Rumble???


While Becky vs Charlotte looks promising, the rest of the Evolution card is questionable at best. One match that has received some backlash was the tossed together battle royal. The majority of the Smackdown Live women wrestlers are involved in this match and this is very disappointing to see. I would’ve preferred a Queen of the Ring tournament to crown a number one contender for a future title shot. Of course the E is lazy and decides to grab some talents of today and yesterday and throw them in this gimmick battle royal. Evolution definitely could’ve been something great, but the E is more focused on blood money later in the week and not giving the women their due.


HIT: Usos Getting the Rub


The Usos once again took on the throw together team of Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles. Same result with the Usos getting the win while Bryan and Styles can’t get along. I don’t understand why they’re pairing two rivals for the WWE Championship in tag team matches, but I’m happy the Usos are the ones benefiting and getting the wins because of it. This is a very talented tag team and it’s a damn shame they’re being left behind in 2018 far as championship opportunities go. I’d be curious to see what Jimmy and Jey could do if they hypothetically challenged Shinsuke Nakamura for the United States Championship.


MISS: World Cup Already Happening


The four Smackdown Live representatives for the Best in the World Cup Tournament wrestled tonight. The Miz lost to Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton defeated Jeff Hardy. I’m not sure how this tournament is going to work, but having all the Smackdown Live guys face each other already is kind of stupid. Are they going to be squared up again for Crown Jewel? How many times do we need to see Orton vs Hardy when they just had a huge Hell in a Cell match that usually puts an end to a rivalry? Some of this booking makes me shake my head.


MISS: Rusev Day Finally Conquers Aiden Day


For what could’ve been a big payoff sure didn’t seem like it. Rusev easily destroyed Aiden English on Smackdown Live and now it leaves both men looking for their next feud. I felt this could’ve been a pay per view match had they kept building things up, but just to randomly throw it away on a Smackdown Live show just goes to show nobody thinks long term.


Overall this was a pretty weak Smackdown Live and rarely do I say this, but I felt Raw was the better show this week. The E is clearly involved in too many events and can’t keep focus. Between Evolution, Crown Jewel, and let’s not forget Survivor Series is right around the corner, the E is very reactionary right now. Shinsuke Nakamura the United States Champion still doesn’t have a legitimate feud, Andrade “Cien” Almas is drowning and nowhere to be seen, and R-Truth the hottest comedy act in the E right now doesn’t even get presented this week. Hopefully Smackdown Live returns to the great show it has been, but the road to 2000 has been disappointing.