Lucha Underground Review 10.17.18 w/Justin C

We start with Jake Strong coming into Antonio Cueto’s office. Cueto talks about wanting Strong to become Lucha Underground Champion. Strong says no one will hand anything to him and he will become LU Champion on his own. Antonio hands Strong one of the seven ancient Aztec medallions. Strong gives the medallion back to Cueto and says this isn’t Cueto’s Temple anymore, it’s his. That was almost Melissa Santos levels of acting by Strong.

Antonio Cueto comes out to start the show and says he will award the seven Aztec medallions out to deserving superstars: Aerostar, PJ Black, Hernandez, Big Bad Steve, King Cuerno, Jake Strong, and Dante Fox. Antonio says he always found seven to be unlucky, and they will have a battle royal. And the winner will pick the person who won’t be in the match next week. Strong ends up winning the battle royal. Strong says he wants all seven men in the match still so he can destroy every single one. Strong says he will fight anyone Antonio has for him to fight. Cueto says he will fight Johnny Mundo in the main event.

Killshot vs The Mack

Both men exchange slaps to start the match. Mack hits a standing moonsault then a running elbow and kick in the corner. But Mack takes a bit too long after and Killshot hits a running knee. Mack goes for a Stunner but Killshot tosses Mack to the outside and Mack gets caught in the ropes and Killshot hits a stomp. Killshot lands some kicks and another knee then goes to the top. But Mack catches him with a Stunner. But Mil Muertes comes down and attacks Mack to cause a DQ. Son of Havoc comes down and saves Mack but Mil ends up taking out both of them.

WINNER via DQ: The Mack- Short match just to build up these two matches at Ultima Lucha Cuatro.

Ivelisse and XO Lishus come out. Ivelisse says they will be in a three way elimination match at Ultima Lucha Cuatro for the Trios Titles but Joey Ryan won’t be healed in time. They introduce Sammy Guevara as their partner. But Famous B comes out ans says he brought in Sammy to LU and that Famous B owns him and he will be sending a cease and desist letter to XO and Ivelisse. And if Sammy wants to perform at Ultima Lucha Cuatro, he can team with Dr. Wagner and Texano. Sammy ends up taking out Famous B and throwing the contract in the garbage and putting it over Famous B. So is it that easy to get out of a contract?

Jake Strong vs Johnny Mundo

Did I turn on an episode of RAW or Smackdown from ten years ago? Strong takes Mundo down to the mat early on. Mundo catches Strong with a springboard kick for two. Strong blocks another kick and tosses Mundo into the post. Strong lands a handfull of running clotheslines in the corner. He goes for the Strong Bomb but Mundo gets his legs up. Mundo hits a DDT for two. Mundo lands a couple kicks and standing shooting star. Strong ends up knocking Mundo off the apron and sending him to the outside. Mundo jumps the railing but Strong comes up and applies an ankle lock. Mundo hits Strong with a beer but it doesn’t phase Strong. They work their way through the crowd. Mundo eventually counters Strong and hits a sunset flip powerbomb on the floor.

They get back to the ring where Mundo hits an elbow off the top for two. Mundo goes to the top but Savage meets him with an overhead belly-to-belly then a Strong Bomb for two. Mundo blocks a gut wrench with a side slam. Strong blocks the End of the World and applies an ankle lock. Mundo escapes and hits Moonlight Drive for two. They trade shots but Strong blocks a Superkick and applies an ankle lock. Strong blocks a couple counters. Mundo throws his arm band, and it distracts the ref so he can kick Strong low with his free leg. Mundo hits the End of the World but Strong kicks out and goes right back to the ankle lock where Mundo taps.

WINNER: Jake Strong- Match went too long. They are building strong back up after being gone for a few weeks. I don’t get the appeal of Strong. It pretty much felt like a standard WWE match.

Strong applies the ankle lock again. Matanza comes out as Strong leaves Mundo for him. Matanza headbutts Mundo multiples times and busts Mundo open. Taya tries to make the save but is unsuccessful. Matanza lays waste to Mundo until Antonio Cueto comes out and they leave.

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