WWE Smackdown 1000 Review 10.16.18 w/ The Chairman

Well the secondary flagship show of WWE has finally reached 1000 episodes. Smackdown Live started back in 1999 as a rival to WCW’s secondary show Thunder. Obviously WCW went under a few years later and the WWE roster overloaded hence the brand split. The rosters eventually merged together to one and split again. Smackdown over the years has definitely had it’s fair share of moments and tonight here are the hits and misses.


HIT: Return of 619


Rey Mysterio has returned to the WWE and looked great. He took on Shinsuke Nakamura in the main event for the final World Cup spot at the upcoming Crown Jewel event. Both men gave us an incredible match and sure it could’ve been longer (more on that shortly) but Mysterio was victorious in his return. Not sure what the long term plans are for Mysterio, but he’ll get to showcase his skills at the big show coming up at Crown Jewel.


MISS: Two Hours Not Long Enough For 1000


Before everyone freaks out, I’m only referring this towards Smackdown 1000. Two hours is definitely plenty of time for a weekly wrestling show, but tonight was a special occasion. Fans could tell as well between the cut entrances, quick matches, and rushed together segments.  The timeline for this monumental episode was unfortunately messy at best and it clearly showed.


HIT: The Cutting Straight Fire Edge


Edge returned for his Cutting Edge talk show segment and gave a passionate promo to Becky Lynch about her recent outlook on things. Edge told Becky he used to do the same things she did to reach the top by stabbing everyone in the back along the way. He basically said he regretted what he did and it was lonely at the top. Becky of course said she loves herself and told Edge to be careful leaving the ring with his neck. Charlotte Flair of course came out and right away speared Becky. This is one of the few feuds the WWE is doing correct right now and adding Edge in tonight just helped matters.


MISS: Big Show Heel Turn 1000


The New Day and The Bar have had a solid feud for the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship. Tonight another title match was held between the tag team rivals and the match was decent as always. However it ended with the Big Show randomly inserting himself in the match and attacking Kofi Kingston. Why, nobody knows? However nobody should be surprised by the Big Show and his many face and heel turns. Keep in mind he also interfered in a championship match between CM Punk and John Cena at Raw 1000. Now we’ll have to wait until Smackdown 1001 to see why Big Show turned heel for the 1000th time.


HIT: Bluetista Plants the Seeds?


Triple H is focused on the DX reunion with Shawn Michaels to face the Brothers of Destruction coming up at Crown Jewel, but is Triple H about to get another superstar back into the ring? Evolution appeared on Smackdown Live tonight, even though they were a Raw faction. Either or, Batista spoke on a few things. However one thing he spoke on regarding Triple H was that he accomplished everything in the wrestling business except beating him. This isn’t going to sit well with Triple H. The question now is will this just be all fun and games or will something actually come out of this. Being we’re in the part time era now, I can sense this happening. Only good thing is Triple H’s part time era Wrestlemania matches usually stay out of the main event which is where there don’t need to be.


MISS: Devolution is a Mystery


While there was some hype on Evolution returning, another Evolution was completely forgotten about tonight. There was very little talk about Evolution compared to Crown Jewel. The road to Evolution has been completely disastrous and it seems the only thing they’re promoting is Ronda Rousey vs Nikki Bella. There are very few matches booked and they’re tossing alot of the women into a random battle royal. This doesn’t sit well with me and rumored is some of the women aren’t too thrilled either. I personally think a Queen of the Ring tournament would’ve been alot better option with the winner getting a title shot.


As a whole I think Smackdown 1000 was disappointing, but it is what it is. At least it was better than Raw still. With that being said, the road to Evolution and Crown Jewel continues on next week. Follow my twitter @ChairmanSV for the latest.