WWE RAW 10.15.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. The Ronda Rousey Promo Had A Few Too Many Lines In It

I was curious to see how they were going to get people to care about the Ronda Rousey/Nikki Bella promo. They tried hyping it up by saying that the Internet was talking about it all week. Well okay not really. But then they had Nikki cut a promo saying Ronda was unworthy of her spot and I thought for sure she was talking about herself. Then Ronda just eviscerated Nikki and Brie, calling them talentless and saying that Nikki and Brie made their names because of their men. She even had a good line about saying the only door Nikki ever knocked down was the one to John Cena’s bedroom and he kicked her out of the same one. But there was a middle part where Ronda compared Nikki to smallpox and stumbled over a couple of her words. It was a bit awkward and went a bit too long. If they cut out that part it would have been epic. But it went a tad too long. Still, they did a much better job getting me interested in it than I thought they would.

2. At The Same Time, They Are Not Building Up Mickie/Alexa vs Trish/Lita Well At All

Someone needs to figure out a better way to get the people to care about this match. I think the WWE thought that people would care about Trish and Lita coming back enough that a build wasn’t necessary. But every one of these promos so far have fallen flat. They had Lita and Trish doing the Allen Iverson “practice” promo from almost 20 years ago. Alexa’s lines aren’t delivering at all. The writing is bad all around. There’s no reason to care about the match. This should have been Alexa ripping on things of the past and staking her claim as the greatest women’s wrestler of all time. And Trish and Lita should be talking about defending their legacies. But it is being booked as a giant joke right now that, going by their promos, none of these women are taking seriously.

3. 2019 Will Be Drew McIntyre’s Year

I’ve talked about this numerous times in the last few weeks. But after tonight it is very clear that Drew McIntyre is going to be a huge star in 2019. McIntyre came in and helped Dolph Ziggler after his loss and Braun’s beatdown of him and laid out Braun with a Claymore Kick. It looks like Braun/Drew is going to be happening down the line. And I’m ready to put Drew over. The WWE completely dropped the ball with Braun Strowman and now they have the chance to make up for it with a new push of Drew McIntyre. I still don’t think he’s fighting for a Title at Wrestlemania. But he’s clearly someone the WWE sees as Championship material in 2019.

Other Notes

-Who the hell put together that Kane and Undertaker video promo? That looked awful.

-They are trying to redo the Narcissist gimmick with Bobby Lashley. Problem is, Lio Rush isn’t Bobby Heenan and he is going to kill the crowd heat.

-Good to see Sasha Banks back. Bad to see she is going to be in a crappy six woman tag at Evolution. Can the WWE not book this show properly? Of course not.

-They are trying to get the same heat for Elias like they did in Seattle a few weeks ago. It was a one time thing and it’ll never work again.

-They hyped Crown Jewel up big time but never mentioned Saudi Arabia once. I guess that means they are going ahead with it and expect us to be dumb.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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