Lucha Underground Review 10.10.18 w/Justin C

We start with Taya calling out that “old piece of shit” Antonio Cueto. Taya says Mantanza ruined her wedding and sacrificed two of her friends, and she wants a match with him right now.

Taya vs Matanza

Taya jumps Matanza at the bell. She lands some hammer fists and kicks in the corner and follows it up with some double knees. But Matanza gets right up and knocks down Taya. Taya catches Matanza with a couple of boots and goes for a DDT. Matanza counters but Taya reverses it and goes for a choke. She can’t lock it in then hits a couple of nut shots and a Stunner. Taya goes to the top and hits a moonsault but only gets two. Matanza picks her up and goes for Wrath of the Gods but Johnny Mundo comes in and hits a superkick, causing a DQ.

Mundo hits the Moonlight Drive and the End of the World then bails.

WINNER via DQ: Matanza- Just an angle to set up a likely Mundo/Matanza match at Ultima Lucha Cuatro.

The Mack and El Dragon Azteca Jr vs Mil Muertes and Zombie Fenix

This is a tornado tag so everyone is in the ring at once. El Dragon eats a chokeslam from Mil. El Dragon hits a facebuster and leg drop. Zombie Fenix breaks up the pin then hits a springboard armdrag. Mack comes back in and hits a hurricarrana on Fenix then a slap to the face. Mack hits a running kick to the face then squares off with Mil. Mil hits a scoop slam then clotheslines Mack out. Fenix comes in and he and Mil take out El Dragon then Mack. Mil lifts El Dragon on his shoulders and Fenix goes to the top. El Dragon ducks and Mack catches Fenix with a Stunner then one for Fenix. He follows it up with a double stunner. Everyone goes to the outside but Fenix comes back and catches a running Mack with a cutter of his own.

El Dragon catches Fenix with a DDTJ. El Dragon and Mack hit dives to the outside. Fenix and El Dragon come back in the ring. Fenix and El Dragon exchange kicks. Mil comes back in and hits a powerbomb and LARIATOOO for two. Mil takes out Mack with a shot to the chin. Mack hits a Samoan Drop then a standing moounsault. Fenix breaks up the pin. Fenix misses a kick and accidentally takes out a camera guy. Mack and Fenix go to the top and Fenix hits a Frankensteiner for two. Fenix then hits an enziguri on the apron then a double stomp on the corner. El Dragon goes for a DDT off the top but Mil blocks it. Mil ends up hitting a Flatliner on Mack then Fenix a muscle buster bomb on El Dragon for the win.

WINNERS: Mil Muertes and Zombie Fenix- Really good action throughout. Fenix and Mil winning leads me to believe they are losing at Ultima Lucha.

Famous B says he is coming out of retirement. Ricky Mundo comes out with his creepy doll and says he is going to have to beat some sense into him.

Famous B w/Brenda vs Ricky Mundo

Ricky dominates the whole match and wins. Ricky then admits to unleashing Matanza at the wedding. He says as long as Taya is around Johnny won’t respect him. Ricky challenges Taya to a match at Ultima Lucha then applies a crossface on Brenda.

Reklusa vs Pentagon Dark

As Pentagon is walking to the ring Reklusa catches him off the top with a dive. Reklusa scratches at the eyes of Pentagon then tosses him into the chairs. She goes for a running senton but Pentagon catches her and drops her on the apron. Pentagon lands a chest slap then a superkick and sends Reklusa back to the outside. Pentagon then tosses her into the chairs. Pentagon continues to land kicks. They get back into the ring where Pentagon catches Reklusa but she lands a hurricarrana, then lands one from the top to the outside and follows it up with a running dive into a DDT on the outside. Back in the ring Pentagon ducks a clothesline and hits a slingblade. Reklusa comes back with a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Reklusa comes back with some kicks but Pentagon catches her and hits a package tombstone for two. Reklusa escapes the package piledriver and goes to the top. Pentagon catches her with a kick to the head then the package piledriver on the apron. Reklusa kicks out again. Reklusa kicks Pentagon low then hits a Canadian Destroyer for two. Pentagon then hits a back stabber and package piledriver for the win.

WINNER: Pentagon Dark- Eh. I mean, I’m not the biggest fan of Reklusa kicking out of all of Pentagon’s stuff. I don’t think she is going to get built up to anything big after this.

Pentagon goes to break Reklusa’s arm. He stops then gets a back of thumbtacks. Marty comes in with a barbed wire baseball bat and attacks Pentagon. He runs it up and down Pentagon’s head. Marty has Reklusa get a can of gas and she dumps it all over Pentagon. Marty lights a lighter but doesn’t end up setting Pentagon on fire.

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