WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 10.9.18 w/ The Chairman

Here are the Smackdown Live Hits and Misses for episode 999.


HIT: The Becky Charlotte Saga Continues


Over the weekend at Super Showdown, Becky Lynch got herself disqualified to retain the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship. Because of what Lynch did, she was ordered to grant Charlotte another title shot. However if Becky got herself disqualified, she would lose the title. Smackdown Live didn’t waste any time kicking off the show with these two. The match was pretty good and both women looked like they had opportunities to win. However the match ended up on the outside and both women lost track of the count resulting in a double countout. Disappointing a match with this much magnitude ended that way, but sure enough they’ll meet again at Evolution in a Last Woman Standing match to hopefully settle this feud once in for all.


MISS: Ruthless Aggression World Cup


Crown Jewel is next Saudi Arabia event coming up and the E has decided to have some World Cup tournament. No idea why they just didn’t bring back King of the Ring? Either or it appears John Cena and Kurt Angle have qualified and tonight there were qualifying matches. Jeff Hardy advanced when the ref stopped his match against Samoa Joe when it looked like he was injured and Randy Orton took down a returning Big Show. It was also announced Rey Mysterio would be returning next week for Smackdown 1000 to take on Shinsuke Nakamura in a World Cup qualifier. If you ask me, this is a star studded card from the year 2006. Between the World Cup entrants and the DX vs Brothers of Destruction storyline, I seriously feel like we’ve gone back in time. Let’s just put the icing on the cake and add Shelton Benjamin, Bobby Lashley, and Batista. The E roster is loaded at the max and it appears Vince and friends are still living in the past. It’s going to be hard to make new superstars when you constantly go backwards reliving on your heroes from yesterday


HIT: It’s All About Styles and Benjamin


Shelton Benjamin hasn’t made many appearances on Smackdown Live, but when he does he makes it count. Benjamin and Styles had a fantastic match tonight while Daniel Bryan and The Miz joined the commentary team. Styles racked up another win as he gets set to face Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship at Crown Jewel. A good amount of fans are anxious to see what happens when the gold is on the line between these two, but I wouldn’t rule out The Miz from sticking his nose in there someway or somehow.


MISS: Happy Aiden Night


The Aiden English love triangle chapter unfolded another chapter. Sure enough Lana denied Aiden’s advances. This whole storyline just sucks and all involved deserve better.


Basically alot of superstars were left off of tonight’s episode so it was hard for me to find a third hit and miss so we’ll leave it as is. Thanks for reading. Follow on Twitter @ChairmanSV and check us out next week for Smackdown 1000!!!