Lucha Underground Review 9.26.18 w/Justin C

Matt Striker reads a letter from Antonio Cueto talking about everything that happened last week. He says that Pentagon Dark, Mil Muertes, King Cuerno and El Dragon Azteca Jr. will fight tonight and the winner will be the #1 Contender for the Lucha Underground Title at Ultima Lucha Cuatro. Vampiro isn’t paying attention and tells Striker to shut up. These guys sometimes make Michael Cole and The Coach tolerable.

Jack Evans says he won’t fight in a promotion that allows XO Lishus to run around and do whatever he wants. And if he was at Johnny Mundo’s wedding, he would have stopped Matanza. Evans says he quits. Antonio Cueto comes out and says he is a compassioante owner. Antonio says if Jack wins, he can leave. But if he loses, Jack will never walk out and become a sacrifice.

Matanza vs Jack Evans

Evans runs up the stairs to the elevator. Matanza comes out waiting for him. Evans gets thrown down the stairs. They get to the ring where Matanza continues to toss Evans around. Evans takes off the turnbuckle and is able to land a couple shots. He hits a move off the top but Matanza gets right up and ends the match with the Wrath of the Gods and Evans vanishes.

WINNER: Matanza

Trios Championship: The Reptile Tribe (c) vs Ivelisse, Joey Ryan and XO Lishus

Before the match, Paul London shows up. He introduces El Bunny, who I’m pretty sure is Mascarita Segrada in a new costume. He then introduces the White Rabbit.

Jeremiah Snake takes Ryan’s sucker and eats it. Gross. Snake throws Kobra Moon into Ryan for a hurricarrana but Ryan throws her into Snake. XO Lishus comes in and hits some quick offense but then eats a knee to the gut. Snake comes back in and chokes XO in the corner. The action breaks down a bit until we get Jeremiah Snake and Ivelisse in the ring. Ivelisse sends him to the floor and then dropkicks Daga into the corner. XO then slams his ass into Daga’s face. Kobra Moon tries to seduce Ryan but he picks her up and tosses her to the outside onto Snake and Daga. The faces take out the heels on the outside. Ryan grabs another sucker and puts it in Snake’s mouth and kicks him off the apron. Daga then comes in and applies an armbar/knee choke for the submission.

After the match El Bunny and Paul London beat up Ryan, XO and Ivelisse.

WINNERS and STILL Trios Champions: The Reptile Tribe- Pretty much a meh match. Nothing to talk about.

Two On One Nunchucks Match: Aerostar and Drago vs Jake Strong

Strong tosses both men out of the ring then gets them back in and splashes them in the corner. Strong goes to get the nunchucks but Aerostar grabs his leg and Drago gets them. Aerostar goes for a dive to the outside but Strong catches him and tosses him into Drago. Strong then throws both men into the walls, but then misses a charge and runs his knee into the wall. Drago then gets on Aerostar’s shoulders and uses the nunchucks on the face of Strong and sprays mist in his eyes. Strong recovers and tosses both men into the announce table and chairs. Strong tosses Aerostar over his shoulders and Aerostar climbs a ladder to the upper deck. Aerostar gets some nunchucks but Strong knocks them away. Aerostar goes over the railing as Strong drops him into, a hole? I don’t know.

Drago grabs some nunchucks and goes to work on Strong. But Strong once again recovers and takes out Drago. But this time, he turns around and Aerostar flies off the bleachers onto Strong. They go back into the ring where Aerostar and Drago uses the nunchucks on Strong. They get Strong into the corner, but Strong catches Aerostar with a boot and Drago with a belly-to-belly. They block a Strong Bomb and hit a DDT/splash combo but Strong kicks out. Strong then tosses Drago to the outside and powerbombs Aerostar. Strong then applies an ankle lock and Aerostar taps.

Strong doesn’t let go but Drago make the save. Strong then snaps Aerostar’s ankle.

WINNER: Jake Strong- I’m kind of surprised Strong won there. Over the last few weeks Aerostar and Drago have looked pretty weak. You can get Strong over still and have him suffer a loss. The match was fun but was again at times dominated too much by Strong.

#1 Contenders Match: King Cuerno vs Mil Muertes vs El Dragon Azteca Jr vs Pentagon Dark

Mil takes out everyone with clotheslines early on. Mil tosses El Dragon around for a bit until King Cuerno comes in and clotheslines Mil over the top. Pentagon comes in and kicks Cuerno but then eats a DDTJ from El Dragon. Suddenly ZOMBIE FENIX comes out and grabs Melissa Santos. Melissa runs away as El Dragon charges and hits a swanton to the outside over the post into the announce table. El Dragon and Zombie Fenix fight to the back so it looks like El Dragon is out.

Pentagon sends Mil to the outside but then gets dropkicked out by Cuerno, who then takes both out with a dive. Suddenly, The Mack comes out and hits three Stunners on Mil. Pentagon then knocks Cuerno off the apron and hits the Penta Driver on Mil for the win.

WINNER: Pentagon Dark- The match was essentially an angle to set up the rest of the Ultima Lucha Cuatro Card.

The Mack challenges Mil to a match at Ultima Lucha Cuatro. Mack says he isn’t scared of Mil anymore. Mack said he is not afraid to die, but Mil should be and asks for a Death Match. Mack says “Rest in Peace, mother fucka.” I guess its okay because he didn’t use a hard R?

So Ultima Lucha Cuatro looks pretty set at this point:

LU Title: Marty the Moth vs Pentagon Dark- Confirmed

Death Match: The Mack vs Mil Muertes- Confirmed


Zombie Fenix vs El Dragon Azteca Jr

Johnny Mundo vs Matanza

Son of Havoc vs Killshot, Mask vs Mask

Trios Title: The Rabbit Tribe vs The Reptile Tribe vs XO/Ryan/Ivelisse

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