JC’s Top Rope Report: Lets Talk About The Women’s Revolution

So it seems like every week, the wrestling Twitter world finds something new to get all riled up about. They grab their pitchforks and take to Twitter and get into a big fight and a war of words ensues. This weekend it was all the result of one column. Over at No DQ.com, writer Steven Luke gave his opinion on how he thought the Divas Were Ruining the Women’s Evolution.

First off, this is in opinion piece. And while I don’t agree with everything that he said in his piece, he has the right to express those opinions. Everyone is so damn PC nowadays that if they even criticize a women for anything they get taken to the woodshed for it. Dave Meltzer was the victim of it last month. Of course, the Bellas didn’t help themselves with their performance on RAW this past Monday. Everyone has probably seen it by now. Brie was delivering the “YES” kicks to Liv Morgan. Brie then laid a stiff kick right to the face of Liv, knocking her out. Brie then proceeded to land one more kick as Liv fell to the ground. Then Brie dragged Liv to the corner, which is just as bad or worse (though in that spot I put more blame on the ref). Brie then botched a slingshot forearm into the corner. And Ruby Riott did not appear to happy about it. This coming after Brie badly botched a suicide dive on RAW a few weeks ago. Now do accidents happen in wrestling? Absolutely. But this is turning more into a trend.

Steven Luke was roasted on social media for his article. As I said, while I don’t agree with everything, he does have some points. The WWE wants you to believe that they are pioneers in the women’s revolution. In actuality, they are one of the last people to join that bandwagon. Their hand was forced. And now they champion themselves as the leaders of the charge when in actuality they are the caboose of it. And they are once again showing why with how they are building up the Women’s Evolution PPV at the end of October.

The rumors are all out there about Nikki Bella taking on Ronda Rousey for the RAW Women’s Title. And it is pretty obvious over the last few week’s of RAW that they are going in that direction. And quite frankly it is the wrong direction to go for that show. It is the equivalent of a part timer coming back to main event Wrestlemania. The show should be based upon putting on good matches and show that these women are capable of putting on good matches. I took a shot at booking the Evolution PPV when it was first announced. There are a few things I would change about it now. I’d put Natalya against Ronda, and then have Lita team with Trish to take on Mickie and Alexa. But as you can see, I had the Bellas nowhere near the main event of the show. And why is that you ask? Well, it is quite simple.

The Bellas are not, and have never been, good wrestlers.

Now is there a place for them in the women’s division and on the Evolution card? Absolutely. But it isn’t in the main event. The WWE likes to call Nikki and Brie “WWE Legends” on TV every week. It pretty much makes me want to throw up. What have they done that is ever considered legendary? Can someone answer me that? Someone sent out a tweet a few weeks ago saying that the Bellas are the most influential women in the WWE over the last ten years and have had plenty of memorable matches and moments.

Name one.

If I’m being completely honest, the Bellas lucked into the women’s evolution movement. Were they part of the match that lead to the “Give Divas A Chance” movement? Yes. But the only reason they became moderately successful is because of their reality show. If they didn’t have a reality show, they would be nowhere near the top of the women’s division. Women like Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Asuka would run circles around them. Former writer at HTCWrestling Tim Glancy brought up a good point after RAW on Monday, when the Bella Army was in full force defending Brie. This is Tim’s response to a tweet from the Bellas about the incident: “The tweet is because all the Bella fans are idiot reality TV fans and they know the deal. To those fans, the Bellas are actors on a show, not wrestlers, so it’s a move to appease to that shitty fan base.”

He’s absolutely right. The majority of Bella Twins fans nowadays are from people who saw them on either Total Bellas or Total Divas. And while I argue that they still haven’t brought over a big enough audience to warrant the push they are getting in, this is what we have to deal with now. The ratings for both reality shows are down as it is. And again, if I’m being completely honest, what have the Bellas done to be role models for young girls? If I had a daughter I would much rather they look up to one of the Four Horsewomen, or Ronda Rousey, or even Alexa Bliss before the Bellas.

All of the women on the roster right now have out worked the Bellas. Take Carmella for example. A year ago I wouldn’t have ever thought she should be near the Women’s Title, and was stunned when she won the Money in the Bank contract and then the Title. But you know what? She held up her end of the bargain and gradually improved each week from winning Money in the Bank to becoming Champion to now. And now she’s become a likable and watchable character on TV. Over the course of two years, Alexa Bliss has become one of the best overall characters in the WWE and one of the best promos in the company. Most of you know I’m not the biggest Naomi fan, but even she has tweaked and developed her character to get where it is today. They all worked their way from the bottom to get to the top. The Bellas got their because of a TV show.

And that’s fine. There can still be a place for the Bellas in the WWE. But that place isn’t at the top of the Evolution card. And that isn’t a place where the Bellas are considered legends in the history of the WWE. They have been involved in some of the worst storylines in WWE history. Lets not forget about this great bit of acting. If you want to be called a legend in the WWE, you need to earn that title. The Bellas have done nothing to do that. And you know what else? It is completely okay to criticize them for their performance. If they aren’t doing a good job we can call them out for it.

After the Australia SuperShow we will have the WWE narrative of being pioneers for the women’s revolution shoved down our throats. We will probably get Stephanie McMahon overload because she is obviously the face of it. But the WWE has shown that they aren’t concerned with putting the best matches on this card. This show should focus on the athleticism and the best matches possible that the WWE can put together with the women on their current, future and past roster. But that isn’t going to be the case. Instead of focusing on the best possible matches that can take place inside the ring, the WWE is still going to focus on who is the most popular outside the ring.

I hope Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch main event the show. They have had the best storyline going in the WWE for quite some time. Becky is the hottest character in the WWE right now and it isn’t even close. And it is a shame Sasha Banks and Bayley aren’t going to be given a spotlight to shine as well. At this point, we don’t even know if Sasha will be on the card. But just think what could have been if the WWE didn’t waste away a year of teasing a split up. Then there is Asuka, who is doing absolutely nothing of note. The WWE needs to be focusing more on building these women up in the coming weeks. But a it seems like they can only focus on one or two storylines at a time.

We’re over three years into the Women’s Revolution and if we are being quite honest, has much changed in the ways the WWE presents a lot of their women? They have been given main events and plenty of first time matches. But if they want us to believe that they have changed the game for women, they still have a long ways to go to show it.

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