WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 9.25.18 w/ The Chairman

Here are the hits and misses of Smackdown Live.


HIT: Truth TV


Shame this is the one and only Truth TV we’re ever going to get, because this segment was entertaining. R Truth and Carmella interviewed Daniel Bryan and even included a few random dance segments. This of course set off the Miz and Truth claimed that since he beat Miz a few weeks ago that he won the rights to the talk show segment. Truth told Miz if he wanted his show back he’d have to beat him. Sure enough that is what Miz did and with Daniel Bryan’s Running Knee to get under the skin of Bryan. Bryan and Miz will be having one of the biggest matches at Super Showdown being there’s a WWE Championship match at stake for the winner.


MISS: AJ Styles Begs Samoa Joe


I don’t know why, but the delivery of this closing segment was odd. AJ Styles seemed really awkward when he was begging Samoa Joe to get away from his “house” even though the mailbox said Styles on it. I guess it was an improvement to the usually and predictable contract signings that end in chaos. Then again, it may have been better than what we witnessed tonight.


HIT: Lass Kicker Photo Ops


Becky Lynch won’t even let Charlotte Flair participate in a photo shoot without getting destroyed. Lynch ambushed Flair and demanded the photographer take a picture of her and the title. This feud has been amazing and Becky Lynch’s new attitude has given her character more depth than anyone could imagine. Later on the show she bullied Lana backstage and eventually made her tap out to the Disarmer. Becky Lynch hopefully remains the champion on Tuesday for a very long time.


MISS: Another Lana Affair


Rusev wanted answers for why Aiden English betrayed him. Aiden showed some video packages showing the rise and fall of Rusev Day. Eventually Aiden pointed the blame at Lana and basically has everyone thinking something happened between the two in Milwaukee. Not really sure why they’re doing this affair storyline again. Well I guess maybe I’m jumping to conclusions, but they already did this love triangle with Dolph Ziggler a few years ago. Then again, I guess old Vince still thinks sex sells.


HIT: Randy Orton Strikes


Shinsuke Nakamura took on Tye Dillinger, but it was Randy Orton who stole the segment. Orton brutally attacked Dillinger and left him for dead after a DDT off the apron. Nakamura then finished Dillinger off moments later with a Kinshasa and Dillinger’s head may or may not of bounced off the LED board around the ring. Orton was asked if Dillinger was his next victim, but Orton just said he basically couldn’t stand the perfect ten stuff. Part of me wonders if Nakamura and Orton are working together because it seems Orton keeps taking out Nakamura’s problems as he did with Jeff Hardy recently.


MISS: Where’s Harper?


Smackdown Live doesn’t miss on much lately. Sure I could’ve went for an easy attack on the secondary women’s feud, but I’ve beat that horse to death, so I’m throwing a theory of my own here. Even since the Bludgeon Brothers lost the Smackdown Live tag titles, they’ve been off TV. Rowan of course is injured, but why is Harper just sitting at home? Why doesn’t Harper vow for revenge and try to cost New Day the titles. What if Harper aligned himself with let’s say The Bar? Harper is a talented big man when given the opportunity, he had a great solo run in early 2017 with Orton and Bray Wyatt. Then again, when Smackdown Live is only two hours and they can’t even get Andrade “Cien” Almas and The Usos on every week, how they going to work in a wrestler who doesn’t have his tag team partner?


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