WWE RAW 9.24.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. Can We Stop Praising The Bellas?

So I know there was a big fit thrown by a lot of people over the weekend about how someone thought the Bellas were ruining the women’s evolution. While I wouldn’t go to that extreme, I will say their place in WWE history is vastly overrated. They are not good wrestlers, as seen with Brie knocking Liv Morgan the fuck out with the YES kicks tonight. If you ask me, the Bellas were mediocre (at best) wrestlers that lucked in to being reality stars. And now they are reality stars that are wrestlers. Brie wasn’t good before becoming a mother and Nikki was always just average. The fact that the WWE considers them legends is an absolute joke and a slap in the face to real WWE legends. I know it isn’t the “PC” thing to say nowadays but it is the truth. The Bellas are not good.

2. Lio Rush is the Best Thing To Happen To Lashley

For months on end I talked about how Lashley just felt “there” as a face on the RAW side of things. Even in his feud with Roman Reigns, Lashley just felt really out of place and not treated like a big star. But that has changed now that Lio Rush is Lashley’s hype man. Lashley was never that great of a promo to begin with. Lio Rush can talk and he is entertaining on the outside of the ring. The crowd is into Lio jumping around and getting away from Kevin Owens and Elias. And those two are the perfect foils for Lio and Lashley. I hope we get some interaction between Lio and John Cena at the Australia show because I think it would be funny. Hopefully the WWE (aka Vince) doesn’t change his mind about the return of managers any time soon.

3. Tonight’s Main Event Shows The Short Sightedness of the WWE

Tonight’s main event saw The Shield beat Constable Corbin and the AOP in the main event. Now sure, Corbin took the pinfall and the AOP had their moments. But it shows again that the WWE doesn’t think about long term storylines. They have been building up the AOP for weeks as this dominant tag team that wanted the Tag Titles. But now they have them lose to the Shield in the main event of RAW. The story was Dolph and Drew trying to get in Ambrose’s head and that was barely a factor until after the match. Despite being in the main event the AOP suffered the most from tonight’s result. They should have had the AOP win to drive home the story of possible tension within the Shield. But nope, can’t have Roman lose!

Other Notes

-Just when you think Chad Gable and Bobby Roode are on to something, that have fucking Gable lose to Konnor. Ugh.

-I hate these “lets break kayfabe to pat ourselves on the back” segments. At least don’t put the entire roster out there.

-How is Nia Jax a “game changer” again?

-Alicia Fox pulled double duty tonight and we didn’t even get a Northern Lights suplex out of it.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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