Lucha Underground Review 9.19.18 w/Justin C

“Zombie” Fenix vs Aerostar

I will refer to Fenix as “Zombie” Fenix from here on out. Melissa Santos acts distraught while doing the ring announcements. Fenix gives a loud scream before he delivers a boot to the face. Aerostar comes back with a dropkick but then Fenix moves out of the way of a charge and hits a spinning heel kick and then a rolling cutter for two. Aerostar sends Fenix to the outside then jumps the ropes and hits a dive to the outside. Aerostar charges at Fenix but Fenix throws him into the railing. Fenix walks by Melissa and she flinches. Back in the ring Fenix hits a swanton for two. Aerostar surprises Fenix with a flipping piledriver for two then a springboard into a DDT. Aerostar lands a barrage of kicks. He goes to the top where Fenix meets him. Fenix hits a spin out driver for the win.

After the match Fenix keeps going after Aerostar. Melissa Santos tells Fenix she knows this isn’t him and to leave and go get help. Fenix runs at her and then grabs her. El Dragon Azteca Jr. comes out and calms things down. But Dragon turns his back and Fenix attacks him. He hits the same move he finished Aerostar with.

WINNER: “Zombie” Fenix- That was a nice match. New Zombie Fenix has a darker side to him with more aggressive offense.

Antonio Cueto says El Dragon will have to forfeit the Title to Marty. El Dragon says he will fight so Antonio allows it.

Gift of the Gods Championship: El Dragon Azteca Jr (c) vs Marty “The Moth” Martinez

Marty hits El Dragon with a bicycle kick right after the bell. Marty throws El Dragon around a bit but El Dragon hits an armdrag then some quick kicks. But Marty then throws El Dragon into the ropes and tries untying El Dragon’s mask. Marty climbs the ropes but El Dragon pushes him off, then jumps to the outside and hits a hurricarrana then goes back to the ring and hits a running swanton over the top. Back in the ring El Dragon hits a crossbody off the top then a DDTJ for two. Then almost out of nowhere, Marty hits a Kobashi DDT for the win.

WINNER and NEW Gift of the Gods Champion: Marty “The Moth” Martinez- That was weird. El Dragon dominated the whole match then Marty just wins with one mover? I don’t like that.

Paul London visits the White Rabbit. The White Rabbit wants to take El Bunny and himself to the Temple.

Lucha Underground Championship: Pentagon Dark (c) vs King Cuerno vs Mil Muertes

Mil stacks the other two in the corner and clotheslines them. Pentagon and Cuerno recover and hit double superkicks on Mil to take him out. Pentagon then takes out Cuerno with a kick then hits a running senton to the outside on Mil. Mil recovers and rams Pentagon into the post, then takes out Cuerno with a charge. Mil rips the mask of Pentagon then tosses Pentagon over the railing.

Back in the ring Cuerno hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but Mil recovers with a powerslam. Pentagon breaks up the pin. Pentagon hits an enziguri on Mil then a slingblade neckbreaker. Pentagon goes to the top and hits a double stomp for two. Cuerno comes back in. Mil chokeslams Cuerno but Pentagon hits two backstabbers on Mil. Pentagon then hits a package piledriver on Cuerno for the win.

WINNER and STILL Lucha Underground Champion: Pentagon Dark- Surprised how short the match was. I was expecting a bit more out of it.

After the match Marty comes out and attacks Pentagon. He knocks out Pentagon with the LU Title. Marty then hits a double underhook DDT and a Curb Stomp. Antonio Cueto comes out and says Marty made a convincing argument last week (the extra cash) and says Marty can use the Gift of the Gods Title exchange any time he wants. Antonio asks Marty if he wants to do that now and Marty says yes.

Lucha Underground Championship: Pentagon Dark (c) vs Marty “The Moth” Martinez

Marty goes for two quick pins but only gets two. Marty ties Pentagon’s mask to the rope and lands some shots. They go to the top, where Pentagon knocks Marty off and hits a flipping piledriver. Marty goes to the outside. Some woman comes into the ring then hits a flipping piledriver on Pentagon. Marty then hits the package piledriver on Pentagon for the win.

WINNER and NEW Lucha Underground Champion: Marty “The Moth” Martinez- Ummm, okay. The woman is Chelsea Green but we don’t know what she goes by here yet. They could have put the Title on so many other people but Marty? I don’t understand it.

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