WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 9.18.18

Hell in a Cell has come and gone, but there is still lots of things coming up for WWE fans. While this wasn’t a memorable Smackdown Live, some key things occurred. Here are the hits and misses


HIT: Becky is the New Queen


Becky Lynch had a championship presentation to close Smackdown Live and was wondering where Charlotte Flair was since she likes to steal her spotlight. These two didn’t miss a beat. Becky being her new cocky self asking Charlotte to raise her hand and put the title around her waist. Charlotte trying to save face and admit Becky was the better woman that night, but will prove once again why she’s the best. This story is far from over and it’s one of the best feuds in the E right now.


MISS: Miz TV’s Special Guest a Flop


Miz was hyping up a guest for Miz TV and nobody was surprised at all it was Maryse. The two boasted about their win at Hell in a Cell and now Miz turns his focus towards Daniel Bryan yet again, but only this time the winner is awarded a future WWE Championship match. Being Miz has two wins already on Bryan, you’d think the ultimate underdog would get the win that counts. We’ll find out at Super Showdown. As for this segment, it was drug out and odd. Maryse gets accidently knocked down, she starts laughing, Miz goes for a sneak attack, but ultimately fails. Positive here is they finally managed to keep Brie Bella only on one show this week.


HIT: Styles Meets Almas Again


It’s been awhile, but AJ Styles competed in the ring on Smackdown Live. He took on Andrade “Cien” Almas who he faced a few months ago as well. The two had a decent outing, but it was Styles who once again proved that Smackdown Live is the House that AJ Styles Built. Samoa Joe sure enough ambushed Styles making it known he’s still coming for the WWE Championship. At Super Showdown, these two will meet again in a match where we must have a winner.


MISS: Asuka and Billie Kay


Technically this was the main event match and it wasn’t anything special. The B level women story continues here where Asuka makes quick work of Billie Kay. Yep, I can’t wait for this chapter to close once in for all between the Iiconics and Asuka Naomi.


HIT: Shinsuke Nakamura Was Found on the Final Rusev Day?


The United States Champion finally got his number called and even had a title defense on Smackdown Live. Rusev was the man to step up getting his second title shot in three days. Coming off a disappointing loss at Hell in a Cell pursuing the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship, Rusev went for a title he held once before. The match went back and forth and Rusev smoked Nakamura with a Machka Kick. Of course there was some tension before the match with Aiden English who was blamed for their loss Sunday. English told Rusev to Crush Nakamura like Lana used to do. Rusev distracted was rolled up and Nakamura escaped with the win. English then attacked Rusev after the match ending their partnership.


MISS: Too Many Events!!!!

This has nothing to do with Smackdown Live, but I’m going to rant here about all these events coming up. We got Super Showdown on October 6th in Australia. We got the first ever all women’s pay per view Evolution October 28th and now we learn Crown Jewel from Saudi Arabia takes place November 2nd. Don’t forget Survivor Series is coming up as well. Oh yeah and Smackdown 1000!!!! The E is clearly overworking themselves into a corner and it’s not going to end well.


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