Lucha Underground Review 9.12.18 w/Justin C

Gift of the Gods Championship: El Dragon Azteca Jr. (c) vs Ivelisse

Ivelisse gets in some early offense with an armdrag and a hurricarrana sending El Dragon to the outside. She goes for a dive but El Dragon runs back on and hits a heel kick. El Dragon starts working over Ivelisse. He applies a Boston Crab. El Dragon misses a leg drop and Ivelisse hits a couple drops. She hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT for two. Matt Striker says something about Vampiro saying “dude.” El Dragon sends Ivelisse to the outside with an armdrag but then misses a springboard dive to the outside. Back in the ring Ivelisse hits a Mexican Destroyer for two. Ivelisse tries locking in a rear naked choke but El Dragon tosses her aside. He goes to the top. Ivelisse crotches him. They battle on top. El Dragon knocks her off and hits an awkward leg drop off the top for the win.

WINNER and STILL Gift of the Gods Champion: El Dragon Azteca Jr.- They kept it mat based so Ivelisse didn’t have to look out of place trying to keep up with El Dragon. Decent match.

After the match, Joey Ryan and XO Lishus appear on top of the stairs. XO offers to form a trios team with her and Joey Ryan and Ivelisse agrees.

King Cuerno vs Mil Muertes

Antonio Cueto comes out and tells Cuerno that the winner of this match will face Pentagon Dark next week for the Lucha Underground Championship.

Mil throws Cuerno in the corner and lands some punches in the corner. Mil then catches Cuerno with a scoop slam. Cuerno counters Mil with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and goes to the top. Mil meets him up there and hits a superplex. Mil continues to dominate with a chokeslam. Mil takes too long and goes to the top but Cuerno catches him coming off with a kick. They exchange punches in the ring then outside as well. The ref tries getting them to go back in the ring but they both stare at him then shove him into the crowd. The ref calls for the bell as they brawl up the stairs.

Antonio Cueto comes out. He tells them both will fight for the Lucha Underground Championship next week in a triple threat match. So that’s all you need to do to get a match? They end up brawling to the back as Pentagon watches on.

Trios Championship: The Reptile Tribe (c) vs Fenix, Aerostar and Drago

Fenix comes out in all black, drooling like a brain dead zombie. Jake Strong comes out and says if they win the Trios Title tonight that they will have to defend the Titles against just him. Because he is a wrestler, and we all know wrestlers defeat luchadors every single time.

Jeremiah Crane charges all three men right at the bell. They then turn their focus to Drago as the heels work him over. Daga lands some slaps in the corner. Drago starts fighting back with some kicks. He goes to the top then lands on Daga who tosses him off but right into Jeremiah Snake where he hits a DDT. Fenix ends up coming in the ring and hits a rolling cutter. Fenix hits a couple kicks on Daga in the corner then a Pele Kick on Snake. Fenix goes to kick Kobra Moon but she moves. Fenix then stares at Drago and Aerostar like a zombie. Fenix tags Aerostar but misses his face and hits his head.

Aerostar comes in and clears house until Jeremiah Snake takes him out with a clothesline. Daga and Snake take turns working over Aerostar. Aerostar ends up kicking Daga and makes the tag to Drago. Drago and Aerostar hit dives to the outside. Drago tags in Fenix, who once again takes his time in assisting Drago with a dive. Fenix gets ready for a dive but takes his time as Aerostar cheers him on. Aerostar ends up going for a dive but Fenix superkicks him. Fenix then leaves the ring and Snake hits a shoulder breaker for the win.

WINNERS and STILL Trios Champions: The Reptile Tribe- The whole story of the match was Feni being a dark zombie.

Melissa Santos and her amazing acting skills try helping Fenix, but Fenix ends up shoving her down. El Dragon Azteca Jr. comes out to help Melissa.

Marty the Moth comes into Antonio’s office and throws some money on his desk. Antonio gives Marty a Gift of the Gods Title match. Marty then throws more money on the table and says there is something else he wants as the show ends.

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