Justin C Watches WCW Greed

Oh you thought I forgot about this didn’t you? Nope. With so much wrestling in August and football season starting back up there was a lot going. But my Bills got their asses handed to them this week and I can’t watch any football related show today. So I’m here to watch the final WCW PPV from my viewing experience.

WCW doesn’t know it yet but it is dead. Jamie Kellner is about to pull all WCW programming from its networks after the AOL/Time Warner merger. Eric Bischoff and his Fusient media group, with no TV deal in place, pulled out of the agreement to buy WCW. With no TV Vince McMahon and the WWE were ready to swoop in and buy WCW and its assets and ruin would could have been the biggest money making angle in wrestling history.

But for now we have WCW Greed to talk about. So lets just get through this okay?

Kwee Wee vs Jason Jett

Tony calls this a special bonus match because Kwee Wee was lobbying for it. Were the fans lobbying for it though? I don’t think so. Kwee Wee attacks Jason Jett from behind but Jett gets the upper hand. Jett has these weird tights that are basic wrestling trunks that then go down the leg to his boots? I don’t know how to describe it. Kwee Wee on the apron grabs Jett by the hair and tosses him to the floor but misses a suicide dive. Jett hits a DDT after bouncing off the ropes and back to the outside then a Buckshot lariat. Now we know where Hangman Page got it from. Kwee Wee tosses Jett to the outside then chokes him with a cable. Kwee Wee dominates the next part of the match. They go to the top where Jett goes for a powerbomb but Kwee counters into a hurricarrana. Jett escapes the piledriver with a springboard elbow. Some pretty good counters. Jett accidentally bumps Kwee Wee. Jett sells like he’s out. Jett moves out of the way of the elbow and hits the Crash Landing for the win. That was actually much better than I was anticipating.

Cruiserweight Tag Title Final: Kid Romeo and Elix Skipper vs Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio

The heels take it to Kidman early. Romeo reverse powerbombs Kidman onto his face. Kidman puts Skipper in the ropes and Rey leg drops him. Rey hurricarranas Skipper to the outside. All four men go up the ramp. Kidman hip tosses Skipper into Romeo. Then they hit double dives onto the heels off the ramp. The heels regain control after tossing Kidman into the railing. The heels do a tag behind the refs back and convince him of it. Of course this is Scott Armstrong, so we all know now that he is a crooked ref anyways. Skipper takes Kidman to the top where Kidman hits a sitout powerbomb. Rey finally gets the hot tag and goes to work. Kidman ends up hitting a springboard shooting star off the ropes onto both heels. Some near falls in the ring. Skipper suplexes Rey and holds him so Romeo hits a leg drop off the top. Kidman breaks it up. Rey bronco busters Skipper. Skipper then sends Kidman to the outside. Romeo catches Rey going for a springboard moonsault and hits the Last Kiss for the win. Another good match, though I think the action was a bit sloppy at the end of it.

Sean Stasiak w/Stacy vs Bam Bam Bigelow

Stacy calls Stasiak the “Mecca” of her world. What did anyone ever see in Sean Stasiak? He had a good luck sure but he was awful in the ring. And he can’t promo for shit either, as evident by this prematch promo he is doing. Also credit to Bigelow for still earning a paycheck from WCW at this point. He is a shell of his former self. Anyway Stasiak cheats to win by using hairspray on Bigelow after a Stacy distraction. Painfully bad match.

Mike Awesome and Lance Storm vs Hugh Morrus and Konnan

Storm asks for the Canadian national anthem but doesn’t get it. Out comes Hugh Morrus followed by Konnan to attack. Poor Storm has been stuck feuding with Morrus for months on end at this point. Once the action calms down the heels are in complete control. More ref distractions as Storm throws Konnan into the railing and steps. The heels have been in control ALL match. And it has killed the crowd completely. Storm goes to the top and Konnan gets his boot up but Storm awkwardly falls into it. Morrus gets the hot tag. Storm hits a superkick and Awesome a splash but Konnan breaks it up. Morrus goes to the top but Storm distracts him, allowing Awesome to hit a running Awesome Bomb for the win. Way too long for a heel dominated match and it killed the crowd.

Cruiserweight Championship: Chavo Guerrero (c) vs Shane Helms

Some quick exchanges early on until Chavo hits a hard clothesline. He follows it up with a t-bone suplex. Chavo slows things down and works over the legs of Helms, exactly what you want in a cruiserweight match. Chavo hits a DDT and dropkick in the corner. Chavo hits a dive off the top. Once again the heel is in control for way too long. Helms gets a comeback going and hits the Nightmare on Helms Street but Chavo gets his foot on the ropes. The crowd chants “boring” as Helms hits a crossbody off the top to the outside. They aren’t wrong. Chavo knocks Helms off the top. They go back again. Helms hits the Vertebreaker for the win when they get to the ground. Meh. Way too slow after the previous two cruiserweight matches earlier in the show.

WCW Tag Team Championship: Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire vs Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell

Luger and Bagwell run down Palumbo and O’Haire beforehand. After a few minutes of it Palumbo and O’Haire come out. They take them out and O’Haire hits a swanton bomb on each of them and they score the double pin for the win. See, that is how you get new people over.

Ernest Miller vs Kanyon

Man the crowd likes the Cat. This all started because Kanyon hit a Kanyon Cutter on Miss Jones. We get about as basic as basic of a wrestling match you can get. Kanyon low blows Miller and puts his foot on the ropes for a three count but the ref sees Kanyon’s feet on the ropes. Cat hits the Feliner kick but Kanyon gets his foot on the ropes. Kanyon hits the ref with his cast. Miller holds Kanyon but Kanyon ducks and she accidentally hits Miller. Miss Jones tries hitting Kanyon but Kanyon grabs her. Miller recovers and hits the Feliner kick for the win. Kanyon attacks until Smooth makes the save after. At least they didn’t have Miss Jones turn on the Cat.

United States Championship: Rick Steiner (c) vs Booker T

Steiner asks the ref to check Booker then attacks him and tosses him over the guard rail. Steiner hits a double underhook powerbomb then goes to a chinlock. Steiner argues with the crowd and Booker hits a backdrop, but Steiner comes right back with a belly-to-belly. Steiner goes back to the ground. Booker escapes a headlock and starts a comeback. He hits the scissors kick and goes for the Harlem side kick but Steiner pulls the ref in front of him. Steiner takes out Booker. In comes Shane Douglas, who knocks Steiner off the top with his cast then Booker hits the Book End for the win. Okay match. Rick Steiner going to the ground that often shows you where he was stamina wise in 2001.

Ric Flair and Jeff Jarrett vs Dusty Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes

The losing team has to kiss the other team’s ass. Dusty was eating burritos all night. Ric Flair is in a Hawaiian shirt and slacks. Jeff Jarrett is in normal wrestling gear. Dusty is in jeans and a cutoff shirt while Dustin is in leather pants and a shirt. Some stalling early on by the heels and Road Warrior Animal is sent to the back. Flair lands some shots on Dustin but Dustin eventually tags in Dusty. The crowd gets to its feet in a cool moment. Dusty lands some chops and elbows. Dustin comes in and goes for the Dust Buster but Flair hits a low blow. They work over the leg of Dustin for a bit. Jarrett applies the Figure Four but Dustin eventually breaks it. Dusty tags in and goes to work on both heels. All four men come in. Jarrett low blows Dusty. Dusty and Dustin toss Jarrett and Flair into each other, then Dustin applies one of the worst roll ups ever for the win. This was cool for the Dusty/Flair interaction but that’s it. Dusty ens up shoving his ass into the face of Jarrett.

Falls Count Anywhere for the WCW Championship: Scott Steiner (c) vs Diamond Dallas Page

Man WCW is STILL paying Michael Buffer in its dying days. DDP gets the better of Steiner early. He hits a shoulder tackle off the top. Steiner throws DDP into the railing. He calls DDP white trash and someone in the crowd a FAT ASS. They go into the crowd. Steiner uses a garbage can on DDP then steals a crutch from some production kid and uses it. The kid then tosses the other crutch to DDP and DDP uses it. DDP elbows Steiner through a table for two. They go up the ramp, where Steiner takes a tray from fan Paul London and uses it on DDP. Steiner is somehow busted open and then goes to a bearhug. DDP escapes and eventually hits a DDT. DDP goes for a Diamond Cutter but Steiner hits a low blow and DDT of his own. DDP eventually hits a Diamond Cutter but Rick Steiner pulls the ref out. DDP lands on the ref after Scott kicks out. Steiner then uses the belt on DDP but Page kicks out. Steiner applies a Boston crab but DDP gets to the ropes, which shouldn’t matter since its Falls Count Anywhere and you can only win by pinfall. Steiner applies the Steiner Recliner but DDP again gets to the ropes. Midajah distracts the ref, which again makes no sense when it is Falls Count Anywhere. Steiner uses the steel pipe and DDP passes out.

For the last WCW PPV this wasn’t terrible. The first two matches were good. The Dusty/Flair interaction was fun. Everything else was at least passable outside the Stasiak/Bigelow match. It was a fun ride while it lasted. Now it is likely on to ECW for me.

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