The HTCWrestling Staff Answers: Wrestling Factions

So earlier this week, the WWE put out an instagram post with their Top 10 factions in the history of wrestling. Like everything WWE, the list sparked some controversy and had the people in the wrestling community arguing with each other. Here’s the list:

So naturally, the staff at HTCWrestling decided to answer some questions regarding the list and dive into the subject of factions in pro wrestling!

What are your thoughts on the list?

Trey: The list has a mix of great factions, though there are some notable omissions on there, and recency bias is on full display. Though I love Undisputed Era, there is no way they are already top 10 factions ever. The Shield at #1 is also WWE hyping up the current big thing in their company. Also Nexus being on the list is questionable, when factions such as the Nation of Domination, Von Erichs, and Ministry of Darkness have a bigger claim to be on the list. Finally, the fact the NWO is not top 3 just shows WWE wanting to bury their rival once again even though we are 17 years removed from the end of the war.

Justin C: In typical WWE fashion they put their own stuff over. The Undisputed Era hasn’t been around long enough to be put on this list. The Shield deserves to be on the list, but they aren’t the best faction of all time yet. Call me when they have as many World Title reigns as the guys in the Four Horsemen had. The same could be said with New Day. And the Nexus was one of the biggest flops in WWE history after a strong start. Take out those three and put in the Nation of Domination, the Heenan Family and the Dangerous Alliance.

The Chairman: Here’s my take on the recent WWE post of the best factions of all time. There’s some factions that are ranked out of order and there’s some factions that shouldn’t even be in the top ten that WWE has listed. What I personally consider to be a successful faction is the longevity of the faction and what accomplishments the superstars in the faction had. As much as I liked the Shield during their original run, I wouldn’t consider them the number one faction overall. New Day is a glorified tag team and shouldn’t be on the list and Nexus shouldn’t either being there’s more worthy choices.

Who are your Top 3 factions of all time?

Trey: My personal top 3 factions would be the 4 horseman, NWO, and Bullet Club. All these factions had a major impact on the business in different ways, and are highlighted by legendary characters and moments.

Justin C: Number 1 for me will always be the Four Horsemen. The longevity they had in the NWA into WCW was outstanding. They got the crowd to hate them and they had legendary feuds with the likes of Dusty Rhodes, Magnum TA and Sting. All four of those guys in that group brought their own uniqueness to it. Number 2 is the nWo. They changed a wrestling world that was floundering in 1996. They made WCW the number one promotion in the world and ushered in a whole new group of fans to the product. Did they outstay their welcome? Absolutely. The angle needed an end game but everyone in WCW thought the nWo money train would never go away and they were wrong. Rounding out my Top 3 are the Fabulous Freebirds. I wasn’t around during their time, but I know the impact they had on wrestling. The Freebird/Von Erich rivalry was one of the most storied and memorable in the history of wrestling and set the Texas wrestling scene on fire during its day.

The Chairman: My top three factions of all time are nWo at one, Degeneration X (the original runs, not that late 2000’s run) at two, and Four Horsemen at three. I grew up watching the nWo and they created some of the most shocking wrestling moments in history in their early stages. Hulk Hogan turning heel and joining nWo still remains one of the top wrestling moments to this day. The too sweet hand gesture is still being used by wrestlers today. The nWo during it’s prime dominated professional wrestling and a big reason why WCW was successful in the early days of the Monday Night Wars.

What is the most overrated faction of all time?

Trey: Though I’m sure many will disagree, and I don’t deny the impact they had on the WWF, Degeneration X always seems overrated in my book. WWE seems to always assert that DX had as big an impact on the Monday Night Wars as Rock, or Austin/McMahon had but that is just not the case. DX were a great faction for sure, but nostalgia seems to kick in and overhype occurs when talking about them today.

Justin C: Don’t worry Trey you aren’t alone. While D-Generation X is definitely a Top 10 faction of all time, They aren’t a Top 5 one. The WWE would like you to think that D-X was the main reason they won the Monday Night War. While they were a piece of it, they weren’t the main reason. That lies in the hands of Steve Austin, Vince McMahon and The Rock. And WCW’s own incompetence. But D-X was never the main reason. Yeah they drove to a WCW show on a jeep. But that wasn’t some big monumental changing moment in the history of wrestling.

The Chairman: Most overrated faction of all time would be The Nexus. As seen on this list coming in at eight is already a joke. The majority of the wrestlers in the faction never amounted to anything and the one that did (Daniel Bryan) got fired on the first night for choking Justin Roberts with a necktie. They only have three tag team championships to their name and a WWE Championship run only thanks to CM Punk’s involvement later in the faction’s brief run. There are many other factions more memorable and deserving then the flash in the pan Nexus.

Name A Faction That Isn’t On The Top 10 List That You Personally Enjoyed

Trey: The New Hart Foundation from 1997 is full of workers I enjoy, and had a great gimmick to boot. I was surprised they did not find a spot on this list. With the Hart brothers, Bulldog, and Pillman, and Neidhart the Hart Foundation was always sure to put on a show.

Justin C: For me it is Three Count. As a kid I hated them because I also hated boy bands at the time. So they did their job their. But rewatching them after WCW went out of business and you see how good they were at doing their jobs. And they were also all good wrestlers in the WCW Cruiserweight division. It took until my adulthood to realize how good “Can’t Get You Out of My Heart” was.

The Chairman: One faction I enjoyed was Raven’s Nest or Raven’s Flock pending if we’re going with the ECW or WCW run. Raven was one of my favorite wrestlers in the 90’s so I was always interested to see what he was up to next. Sure the factions never really amounted to much, but I enjoyed them. If we’re going to talk however about a faction outside of the WWE owned properties then Bullet Club hands down

What Is The Worst Faction of All Time?

Trey: I’m currently watching mid 90’s Nitros, and without a doubt the Dungeon of Doom have got to be in the discussion for worst faction ever. There are literally no names in the faction that jump out as formidable foes besides the Giant and Luger, and it was full of a bunch of guys with little in ring ability. Their feud with Hogan was just awful.

Justin C: Los Boricuas. Mostly because I couldn’t tell you one memorable thing they ever did. And they were clearly the number 3 faction in the “Gang Wars” between D.O.A. and the Nation. Think about that. When you are worse than D.O.A. that says something.

The Chairman: The worst faction ever was the Oddities. Kurrgan went from a badass in the Truth Commission to a goofy giant. Golga had a strange obsession with South Park’s Cartman. Luna was a babyface which was weird. I don’t even think Giant Silva even wrestled? Can’t forget the Insane Clown Posse being involved as well. And this is only one of many horrible factions us wrestling fans had to endure over the years.

So what do you thing?

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