WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 9.4.18 w/ The Chairman

Welcome to another edition of Smackdown Live Hits and Misses w/ The Chairman. It’s time we break down the action from Tuesday and discuss what I liked and didn’t like this week.


HIT: Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair Feud Escalating


These two are building something special here and by the time it’s all said and done could very well be the greatest women’s feud in history of WWE. Hopefully the creative team doesn’t play hot potato with the women’s championship like they did with Charlotte and Sasha two years ago. It’s also a shame that we’re not getting this match inside Hell of a Cell. You’d think with the big women’s Evolution coming up, they’d want to strike and do another woman’s Hell in a Cell match. This week we seen the split screen video promo between the two and things are getting personal. Many fans are still pro Becky regardless of her new attitude. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when this match takes place. I’m confident we’re going to get a very pro Becky crowd.


MISS: More Naomi vs Iiconics


So the B storyline in the Smackdown Live women’s division continues on again. They really should’ve given this feud a week off. So this time Naomi finally gets a win over Peyton Royce. Sure enough Billie Kay and Peyton jump Naomi after the match. Another two on one assault and here comes Asuka to make the save. The once dominant Asuka is now stuck in this cluster of a feud. We’ve already seen Asuka destroy the Iiconics so why not some more. The lack of depth in the women’s division has shown it’s ugly head. More than likely we’ll see a tag team match next week as there’s going to be nothing for these ladies for the foreseeable future with Charlotte and Becky locked into a personal feud.


HIT: R Truth is the Main Event Hero We Never Knew We Wanted


It’s 2018 and R-Truth is in the main event of Smackdown Live, what’s up? R-Truth may very well be one of the talents in the E that makes me laugh out loud. His mission to track down Carmella got him into an altercation with his former tag team partner of years ago Miz when Truth mistakened Maryse for Carmella and now Truth thinks there’s two Carmella’s. Truth then actually found the real Carmella and brought up all the smack talk Miz and Maryse were saying about her. Best part is R Truth won the match off a Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella distraction. R-Truth could easily be positioned right now to feud for the United States Championship or his recent alliance with Tye Dillinger could add more depth to an already strong tag team division. Plus with Truth being announced as Carmella’s partner for Mixed Match Challenge, maybe Carmella is in Truth’s corner more for the foreseeable future turning face in the process.


MISS: Shinsuke Nakamura and the United States Championship Missing


Speaking of the United States Championship, another week has passed and we haven’t seen Nakamura. It’s strange that he beats Jeff Hardy for the title and has almost been treated as an afterthought since. There are plenty of superstars that could challenge Nakamura, but it seems creative has nothing for him. Then again you look at the talent pool of Smackdown Live and most of the top faces are already involved in feuds. Hell some of the faces are involved in multiple feuds. Daniel Bryan is feuding with both Miz and Andrade “Cien” Almas right now. Maybe someone at Smackdown Live needs to realize they might need to find another strong face character? Part of me is thinking though R-Truth somehow ends up getting another shot at Nakamura which will more than likely extend his streak. I’d almost be more interested in seeing whichever New Day member doesn’t compete in the tag title match go for the United States Championship. Maybe have one of the Usos take a crack at Nakamura? Either or, a talent like Nakamura shouldn’t be cast aside.


HIT: Rusev Day Victorious on Rusev Day


Rusev and Aiden English are going to face the Bar next week with the winner challenging New Day at Hell in a Cell for the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship. Rusev and Aiden had to overcome Sanity and the Usos. Rusev Day definitely had their hands full with the Usos being multiple time former champs and Sanity has had their success in the tag division in NXT. Rusev however was up for the challenge and took out Eric Young with the Machka Kick to secure the win. Cesaro and Sheamus after the match let it be known they’re the ones standing in the way of Rusev Day’s title shot. Should be a great tag team match next week between The Bar and Rusev Day.


MISS: Brie Mode Overexposed


Wasn’t the purpose of a brand split to keep wrestlers on their respective shows. Now sure Brie technically doesn’t have a home, but considering she’s showing up to Smackdown Live with her husband Daniel Bryan Smackdown would be her home. Plus she has a match with Miz and Maryse at Hell in a Cell. However for some reason I have to watch her hang out with her sister Nikki on Raw as well and botch suicide dives. There’s talent that is lucky to sniff the airwaves once a month and I have to see Brie Bella every Monday and Tuesday. I’m sure she’ll go back to mother mode after Evolution, but until then this is another thing we’ll have to deal with twice a week.


That does it for me. Hit me up on Twitter @ChairmanSV and we’ll do it again next week. Thanks for reading!