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After months of anticipation, the biggest indy wrestling event ever took place at All In in the Sears Center. Over 10 thousands wrestling fans made their voices heard, and were ready to see a great show. Thankfully, All In delivered a great show that had a fun atmosphere to it the whole night. Let’s jump into the review!

The Briscoes vs. Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky: SCU execute some quick offense to start the match off. The Briscoes work over Sky for a while. Kazarian get the hot tag, and hits a DDT and Northern Lights suplex on Mark for 2. Sky hits a belly to belly to the outside, and follows with a great tope con helo on both brothers. SCU locks dual dragon sleepers. The Briscoes fight out and hit Red Neck Boogie on Kaz for 2. Double team lungblower by SCU gets another nearfall. Jay Driller followed by top rope elbow gets another 2. Doomsday device is reversed into a powerslam by Kaz to give them the win. ***3/4

15-participant Over Budget Battle Royale for an ROH World Championship shot against Jay Lethal later in the night (Moose, Rocky Romero, Colt Cabana, Jordynne Grace, Ethan Page, Brian Cage, Billy Gunn, Jimmy Jacobs, Marko Stunt, Brandon Cutler, and Punishment Martinez, Austin Gunn, Hurricane Helms, Tommy Dreamer, Bully Ray): Bully puts Chico through a table to start. Moose hits right hands on everyone, before getting caught by Cage and tossed. Ethan Page goes after the Best Friends to no avail. Martinez eliminates the Best Friends. Martinez and Cage trade shots before Hurricane Helms hits chokeslams on them. Marko Stunt gets chopped by Bully Ray. Billy Gunn runs wild and hits the Fameasser on Bully Ray. Stunt gets tossed by Bully. Grace powerbombs Cage and eliminates him. Bully eliminates Grace and then Colt Cabana. Chico comes out of nowhere to eliminate Bully and get his title shot. ***3/4

Matt Cross vs. MJF: They posture a bit before Cross hits a Sasuke special. MJF works an armbar and a gutwrench powerbomb gets 2. Cross follows with some nice springboard attacks, but MJF hits a package shoulder breaker for 2. MJF hits a pendulum piledriver for 2. Cross hits a cutter and SSP to pick up the win. **3/4

Stephen Amell vs. Christopher Daniels: John Mayer is ringside. They start with a chop battle and Amell slams Daniels down and walks over his back. They spill outside and Amell sets up a table but can’t do anything with it. Daniels starts to work over Amell inside and connects with and Arabian moonsault. Amell hits a Falcon Arrow for 2. Amell hits a corner to corner dropkick for 2! Best Moonsault ever gets 2. Amell fights back and goes for a top rope elbow through the table outside but Daniels moves as Amell crashes through! Jerry Lynn who is the ref, tosses both of them inside so the match will continue. Daniels clubs Amell, but Amell reverses Angels Wings into a great backslide nearfall. A final Best Moonsault ever finishes it. ***1/4

Madison Rayne vs. Tessa Blanchard vs. Britt Baker vs. Chelsea Green: Green and Britt trade nearfalls inside and have some good exchanges. Tessa comes in with a monster spear on Green, and a 2nd rope code breaker on Baker. Green hits a tope, and Tessa follows with a spinning plancha. Rayne hits a cross body on all 3 ladies to the outside. Britt hits 3 slingblades. Green does the Broski boot in honor of her boyfriend Zack Ryder. Green hits a good missile dropkick, and Rayne hits a cutter from the top on Baker for 2. Tessa hits Magnum on Green but immediately gets superkicked by Baker. Green hits Unprettier on Baker for 2. Green hits a destroyer on Tessa for 2. Tessa hits a hammerlock DDT to get the win, in an awkward finish as Baker tried to break it up but was slow so it came off awkward to the crowd. Very good match nonetheless. ***3/4

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis defending against Cody Rhodes: Cody is accompanied to the ring by DDP, Pharoah, and Tommy Dreamer. Aldis comes out with Jarrett and Tim Storm. They trade some wrestling holds, and chops early. Cody hits a tope, but Aldis hits a suplex outside. They hit a double cross body, and Cody then goes for the outside attack but Aldis hits an elbow while Cody is midair. DDP comes out to help Cody outside as they tease Cody is injured. Daivari gets involved but eats a Diamond Cutter. Aldis lays big right hands and is Cody gets busted open. Cody misses a moonsault, and Aldis hits a 2nd rope fallaway slam an tope rope elbow for 2. Cody locks the figure 4. Aldis hits a running powerslam on the outside. Cody hits an Alabama slam. Aldis hits a powerslam for 2, and locks the sharpshooter. Aldis hits a piledriver, and then accidentally hits a top rope elbow on Brandi as she protected Cody. Cody hits a disaster kick and Cross Rhodes for 2. Aldis can’t connect with a Cross Rhodes and then Cody reverses a sunset flip and gets the 3 count for a new champ! ***1/2

Hangman Page vs. Joey Janela (Chicago Street Fight): They trade Topes early, and Page hits the a great looking moonsault to the outside. Janela tosses Page into a literal Craker Barrel, and Janela hits a front flip into the crowd. Buckshot lariat from over the barricade follows. Death Valley bomb into the corner gets 2 for Janela. Page hits a burning hammer onto a ladder propped on the outside. Penelope Ford hits a stunner on Page and hits a cross body to the outside. Janela hits a top rope elbow through the table. Janela sets up 2 tables on the rampway, but Page powerbombs him onto 1 of them. Buckshot lariat and Rite of Passage gets 2 as Ford breaks it up and shows him the boots that were stained with Joey Ryan’s blood. Page superkicks her but Janela then superkicks him for 2. A ladder gets set up with a table besides it, and Page beats Janela with the phone he killed Ryan with and hits Rite of Passage through the table to win. Joey Ryan comes back to life with inflatable penis’ and Ryan hits him with the dick flip spot and superkick. ***3/4

ROH World Champion Jay Lethal vs. Flip Gordon: Lethal is coming out in the Black Machismo gimmick. Flip hits some armdrags and gets some quick nearfalls. Lethal thinks Brandi is Liz, and he gets chopped back to his regular self. Flip hits a trio of topes and a frogsplash for 2. They trade a few more near falls, and Lethal hits Lethal combination for 2. Falcon Arrow gets 2 for Flip. Lethal goes back to the Machismo gimmick and hits a trio of elbows. Flip fires up like he is Hogan and then hits the Star Spangled slingblade. Cancun Tornado gets 2. Lethal gets a top rope cutter and Lethal Injection to win. ***1/2

Kenny Omega vs. Pentagon Jr.: They posture up some, and Penta hits a backstabber. Penta hits a tope con helo, and they brawl outside. You Can’t Escape is reversed, but Omega follows with tornado DDT. Omega follows with a missile dropkick and Aoi Shodoi for 2. Another backstabber from Penta gets 2. Omega hits a V trigger, but Penta follows with a double footstomp for 2. Multiple V triggers get another 2. Pumphandle driver gets a great nearfall for Penta. They brawl on the apron and Penta hits a low blow and Fear Factor! Double stomp to the chest gets 2. Omega hits a package piledriver of his own for 2! Penta fights out of OWA, and pops the arm. Fear Factor gets another 2! Omega connects with a reverse Rana for 2. One Winged Angel ends it. The lights go out and Y2J comes out in Penta’s gear and hits multiple codebreakers to plug his cruise.  ****1/2

Kazuchika Okada vs. Marty Scurll: Wristholds are exchanged and then Scurll tries for some shoulder blocks to no avail. Scull hits the apron superkick and a lope suicida before delivering chops on the outside. Okada fires back with European uppercuts and a senton atomico. Scurll works for a straightjacket hold, and delivers a tornado DDT for 2. They trade big strikes and Scurll hits a beautiful brainbuster. Okada follows with a neckbreaker over the knee. Marty follows with a superplex, and they trade a ton of rollups. Scurll delivers a big powerbomb for 2. Okada follows with a missile dropkick and a tombstone. Okada looks for the RM and taunts him by holding up 2-0-5, but Scurll breaks the fingers. Okada hits a dropkick, but Scurll fires back with the chicken wing. Okada fights out and is pushed into the ref. Scurll uses the umbrella and hits a rainmaker of his own for 2.9! Okada hits a RM and lays in forearms. A pair of Rainmakers ends it. ****1/4

The Young Bucks & Kota Ibushi vs. Rey Mysterio, Fenix & Bandido: Matt and Bandido start to a blistering pace with Bandido hitting some great dives. Fenix tags in and hits some armdrags and a cutter on Nick for 2. Ibushi and Rey have an athletic sequence as the crowd goes wild. Matt hits a front wheelbarrow for 2. Ibushi hits a double pele on Fenix and Bandido. Nick hits a dive outside followed by the golden triangle dive. Rey hits an Asai moonsault, followed by Fenix and Bandido hitting tornillos on everyone. Matt hits a front flip from the ramp on the luchadors. Bandido hits a triple Rana. Nick gets taken out by an assisted Rana, and Matt eats a reverse Rana. Rey hits a top rope splash for 2. Bandido hits a top rope fallaway slam for 2. Superkick party ensues and Bandido eats MBFYB for 2. Meltzer Driver ends it. ****1/2

Overall: 9/10

All In was a gamble from the begin, but Cody and The Young Bucks hit the jackpot with their monumental event. The biggest Indy show ever delivered one of the better PPV events of the year, and it was a fun night from the Zero Hour on WGN America, to the main event of Kota Ibushi & The Young Bucks vs. Bandido, Fenix, and Rey Mysterio. Kenny Omega against Pentagon Jr. also lived up to the hype, and Okada vs. Marty Scurll was a very good match as well. Throw in fun performances by Stephen Amell, Adam Page and Joey Janela, along with a very good 4 way women’s match, and we had a tremendous event from top to bottom. There were some fun surprises along the way, and some Being the Elite angles saw their payoff. All and all it was a fun show that should be looked at fondly years down the line.

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