Lucha Underground Review 8.29.18 w/Justin C

Worldwide Underground is in the back talking about the wedding. Joey Mercury (going by Joey Wrestling) comes in and says he heard Johnny needed a best man. Johnny tells Ricky that means he’s demoted to ring bearer. They leave and Ricky’s creepy doll tells him that it hopes they don’t plan on keeping the vows.

“The Savage” Jake Strong vs Drago

Strong uses his size early on to get Drago in the corner and land some knees. Drago goes for some kicks to the leg of Strong but Strong ends up taking out the leg of Drago. Strong catches Drago and goes for a powerslam but Drago counters into a DDT. Strong powers out of a pin attempt and sends Drago to the outside. Drago charges at Strong but Strong tosses him over the railing and onto chairs. Strong ends up hitting a Strong bomb then Drago taps to the ankle lock.

After the match Strong grabs Drago’s nunchucks and reapplies the ankle lock but Aerostar makes the save.

WINNER: Jake Strong- Kind of surprised again with the squash match of Drago. I’m sure it is leading to a handicap match but it looks like they are building up Strong for a Title run.

No Mas Match: XO Lishus vs Jack Evans

Evans yells at XO early on and XO isn’t having it and lands punches all the way to the outside. Evans ends up head scissoring XO then takes him out with a dive off the apron. Evans throws XO over the announce table but XO ends up hitting a flipping blockbuster. They end up brawling to the stairs and Evans chokes XO. Evans ends up climbing a ladder attached to the wall and hits a swanton off the top rung. Evans asks XO if he quits and XO says “fuck you.” Ivelisse comes out and Evans superkicks her then throws her into the chairs. This allows XO time to recover and he works over the bad arm of Evans. Back in the ring they exchange submission attempts and neither one quits. Evans grabs a chair and lays XO across the chair. Evans goes to jump off but Joey Ryan stops him. Ivelisse then pulls XO away and XO applies an armbar. Evans quits.

WINNER: XO Lishus- It was basically a submission match. Okay stuff, nothing great.

Evans goes crawling past the Worldwide Underground. Mundo rips on Ricky again and the doll tells Ricky to do the job it asked him to do.

Before the wedding we cut to Ricky Mundo letting Matanza out of his locked room.

The Wedding of Johnny Mundo and Taya

Famous B is presiding over the ceremony. Famous B asks if anyone objects. Antonio Cueto says he didn’t come out to object but give them a gift from his family to theirs. Antonio says to the ring the bell and out comes tables of tacos. They exchange their vows and I do’s. Ricky comes out with the rings then is kicked out by Johnny. Just as Famous B is about to make things official Matanza comes out. He takes out everyone in the ring. He chokeslams PJ Black through a taco table. He then t-bone suplexes Mundo over the top through a table. Taya is bleeding. Matanza ends up hitting the Wrath of the Gods on her and chokeslams her onto the cake as Ricky Mundo watches on.

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