WWE RAW 8.20.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. I Really Don’t Care About Triple H vs The Undertaker

When they first announced this match for the Australia supershow I was like, wasn’t Wrestlemania 28 suppose to be the end of an era? So this is like Wrestlemania 29 being twice in a lifetime? At least Triple H tried to explain that away during his promo tonight. But then we once again had to listen to him talk about how great his era was. And that once again puts down every wrestler of today. Now it wasn’t as bad as the build to Wrestlemania doing that but I got pretty sick of it by the end. It was basically a Triple promo from 2002 RAW and him talking about how great he is. I really hope it is a one off and we don’t have to see Triple H do this every week. I hope there are better matches announced for this show.

2. What Was The Point Of That Ronda Segment?

So Stephanie, the founder of all things Women’s Wrestling, comes out to try and get the women to turn on Ronda. That doesn’t happen. And Ronda breaks Steph’s arm again. The heels go to tend to Steph and the faces cheer and hug Ronda. Okay, so who cares? I mean they couldn’t have set up Ronda’s next feud or something? None of the heels that helped Ronda are going to be taking the Title from her. The Bellas were out there, which will scare me from here until WWE Evolution. It just seemed like a waste of Ronda being on RAW. I also hate that Stephanie just shows up and does her shit again. She essentially has go away heat at this point. The segment set up nothing and I don’t think the WWE has big future plans from this segment.

3. The Ending Of RAW Left WAY Too Many Answers

Lets start with the Balor/Reigns match. It was a very good match. Braun comes out and teases a cash in on Reigns after. Then out comes The Shield. Uhh, what? So The Shield attacks Braun to stop him from cashing in. So are the Shield the heels? Because turning Seth and Dean heel right now would be super stupid. Or are they going to say cashing in like how Braun did was a heel move so they stopped it? Even though that is exactly how Dean and Seth cashed in. And if The Shield are back, who the hell are they suppose to feud with? Just Braun? That is a dangerous proposition for them to have their Top faces feuding with one another. I guess it is smart to get people to tune in next week. But from a story perspective, it just seems like a jumbled mess that was thrown together to please fans. Oh, and to get people to cheer Roman again.

Random Notes

-Who thought it was a good idea to give Lashley and Corbin that much time to start RAW?

-Dean Ambrose has added a breath of fresh air to RAW. And I liked his new move set tonight.

-Authors of Pain vs Titus Wolrdwide is this era’s version of Dolph vs Kofi.

-Constable Corbin in charge of RAW? Great, that is exactly what we need: a constant heel authority figure.

-Is it possible to revamp the entire RAW tag team division?

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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