WWE SummerSlam 8.19.18: Five Thoughts w/Justin C

1. Lets Hope The WWE Actually Follows Through With The Becky Lynch/Charlotte Story

So that match was a unique ride. The positive is that the Title is off Carmella. Then I thought for sure nothing would happen, and then BOOM: Becky beats the crap out of Charlotte. The announcers were clearly trying to sell it as a heel turn. And the way Becky walked off at the end of the beatdown made it seem like that as well. But naturally the Brooklyn crowd loved it. And it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the weeks ahead. Do they just ignore it and play it off as the Brooklyn crowd being smarks? Probably. But I mean anything Becky says will have truth to it. Charlotte stole her one-on-one Title match and has been gifted every opportunity possible where Becky has had to fight and claw her way to the top. I think almost every crowd is going to be behind Becky going forward. But I also fear Charlotte stays Champ until Mania.

2. The DQ Finish In The WWE Title Match Is One I Can Live With

Normally I hate DQ finishes on big PPV shows. I did not like the DQ finish in the Smackdown Live Tag Title match. But the DQ finish in the Styles/Samoa Joe match is one that I can live with. First off, it was well done and Joe played the heel role well by telling Styles wife and his daughter that he would be there daddy now. And AJ Styles snapping gave his character a little bit of an edge that it had been missing for awhile. And it actually sets up a logical Hell In A Cell match between the two at the next PPV. I also thought the match was better than any of the Styles/Nakamura matches so they should be able to have a good Cell match.

3. Daniel Bryan vs Miz Was Missing Something

It was tough for me to get fully into the Miz/Daniel Bryan match. I don’t know what it was missing but I couldn’t get fully invested. Maybe it is because I thought the match should have been the WWE Title match. Plus the crowd was completely dead for it. The ending obviously sets up a longer story with Miz cheating to win. But if it is me? I wouldn’t have these two touch again for awhile. Let Daniel Bryan go and fight Nakamura for the US Title. Miz can move on to AJ Styles in the fall and take the WWE Title after he is done with Samoa Joe. Then you can have Miz vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania. And yes, I think that match would have more heat to it because people will want to see Bryan win the WWE Title and finally get one up on the Miz. This match was fine, but it didn’t come close to meeting expectations.

4. Oh Good, I’m So Glad The Bellas Are Back

So I was off the social media sphere all night Saturday and Sunday morning. I watched NXT then saw Twitter and listened to Wrestling Observer Radio. And Dave Meltzer dropped the gem that the rumored main event for WWE Evolution is Ronda Rousey vs Nikki Bella. With the already announced match of Alexa Bliss vs Trish Stratus, they are setting this show up for failure. Nikki Bella coming back and getting a top match on this show is a joke. What has she done to deserve a Title match? I’m fine with Ronda being Champ, but she should be fighting Natalya or even Alexa again. But now we know the path the WWE is taking and it is going to be tough to watch. I also don’t think Ronda is losing until Wrestlemania. And they may turn out to be a problem in the long run.

5. Well We Are Finally Here

It is the day that we have been waiting for since Wrestlemania. Roman Reigns is Universal Champion. And it looks like they did it in a fashion where Brock is no longer in the equation. They got the crowd all riled up with the tease of a potential Braun cash in, but in the end they didn’t deliver. Roman is our Champ. At least we have a full time Champion back on RAW for the foreseeable future. But I didn’t like that they didn’t even attempt Braun cashing in even after he got beat up. I think it was over thinking on the WWE’s part. Braun should come out and cash in tomorrow on RAW. I’ll take Roman over Brock as Champ at this point, but it isn’t like I’m thrilled about it.

Random Notes

-I’m so over the New Day at this point. I would have just had the Bludgeon Brothers win and move on to face The Bar. No need for an extended program.

-Demon Finn was a nice surprise. Lets just hope regular Finn doesn’t lose to Corbin on RAW tomorrow.

-I really hope Seth winning is the end of Seth vs Ziggler. Both of those guys just need to move on at this point.

-Same with Nakamura and Jeff Hardy. Just let Orton fuck Hardy up or have Hardy shake his hand or something.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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