NXT Takeover Brooklyn 4 Review w/ The Chairman

NXT Takeover Brooklyn 4 was another stacked card full of action of future WWE hopefuls. Some titles changed hands and some hearts were broken. Here’s how it all went down. I made my predictions this week on the HTCWrestling Podcast so I will match up my picks with the results.


Undisputed Era (Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong) vs Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate and Trent Seven) for the NXT Tag Team Championship


Well apparently I didn’t get the memo of Takeover starting an hour earlier than usual because it did. Several other followers were duped as well. I physically went to Takeover last time in Chicago and it started at the same time it always did so don’t understand why it started an hour earlier. I happened to just be messing around on Twitter and realized the show started so I basically missed this match. I literally turned on Takeover just to see Undisputed Era successfully retain the titles only to get taken out by the War Raiders Hanson and Rowe. It’s good to see the War Raiders are finally being utilized in NXT because the first few months they really didn’t have anything. I know alot of people were raving about this match so I may have to go back and check it out. I actually never seen a single Undisputed Era vs Moustache Mountain match because they were all spoiled so bad on Twitter and I’m very weird when it comes to spoilers and not wanting to see something after I already know who won no matter how much it’s raved about.


PREDICTION: Undisputed Era

RESULT: Undisputed Era


Velveteen Dream vs EC3


Velveteen Dream once again makes a bold statement with his attire. This time he has on his rear “Call Me Up Vince.” Rumors have been flying that the Dream could be called to the main roster after this event so either the Dream is trolling everyone or the Dream in fact could be moving to Monday or Tuesday nights. Many hardcore Dream fans of course are fearing what would happen to the Dream should he fall into the hands of Vince Dunn. Far as the match between Dream and EC3, it was okay. It wasn’t anything memorable. Dream killed it as always, especially with the finish where he delivered the Dream Valley Driver on the apron and then polished off EC3 with the Purple Rainmaker. I think the biggest problem is getting invested into EC3. Right now EC3 reminds me of Bobby Roode. A character that should be a heel, but stuck playing a face. If we’re going to get the real EC3, a heel turn is desperately needed. Maybe this loss to Dream will in fact have him turn his back on the NXT fans. As for Dream, it’s really hard to predict who his next target is? Does he revisit Ricochet and go for the North American Championship? Does he turn babyface and go after Ciampa and the NXT Championship? Or is this the curtain call for Dream in NXT?


PREDICTION: Velveteen Dream

RESULT: Velveteen Dream


Adam Cole vs Ricochet (NXT North American Championship)


Adam Cole BAY BAY put his title on the line against Ricochet. This in my opinion was the match of the night. I also found it rather ironic that Cole and Ricochet were wrestling each other when their significant others Tessa Blanchard and Britt Baker will be facing off along with Chelsea Green and Madison Rayne at All In. There were definitely alot of highlights as expected in a Ricochet match. Ricochet is probably, if not, the top high flyer in wrestling. Adam Cole though at one moment connected with a devastating superkick to the head as Ricochet was coming at him after a moonsault off the ropes. At this moment it looked like Cole gained all the momentum to retain his title, but Ricochet prevailed. The turning point was when Ricochet was able to hit the 630 to put Cole away for good. Ricochet is the new North American Champion. Lots of questions to be asked here. How come Undisputed Era didn’t come to ringside to make sure Cole didn’t lose his title? Just seemed odd when you have a heel faction and the other members of the group at least didn’t try getting involved? You also have to wonder what’s next for both Ricochet and Adam Cole? Guess we’ll have to watch NXT to see.



RESULT: Ricochet


Shayna Baszler vs Kairi Sane (NXT Women’s Championship)


Feel bad for Baszler and Sane because they had to follow up Cole and Ricochet. In the grand scheme of things though it was a nice cooldown match after a red hot one before getting into the huge main event. Kairi was trying everything to beat Shayna, including digging into her submission arsenal with the Anchor. This however may not be a smart move trying to go the submission route with a specialist like Baszler. Baszler looked like she had Sane when she locked in the Kirifuda Clutch, but Sane somehow managed to pin Baszler and steal the title. One would only assume with Baszler dropping the title that she’s possibly heading to Raw soon to join forces with her buddy Ronda Rousey. As for Kairi Sane, the pool of contenders is wide open right now in NXT.


PREDICTION: Shayna Baszler

RESULT: Kairi Sane


Tommaso Ciampa vs Johnny Gargano (NXT Championship Last Man Standing Match)


The hottest feud in professional wrestling reveals another chapter in the main event of Takeover Brooklyn 4. These two sure enough didn’t hold back and used everything on each other around ringside. Taking out commentary tables to fire extinguishers. From ripping away the protective padding on the outside to the padding inside the ring. Neither of these two held back. Ciampa even brough handcuffs into the match, only for Gargano to use them on Ciampa instead. The match ended up on the stage and Gargano handcuffed Ciampa up there. Gargano kicked Ciampa in the head multiple times. At this point Gargano could’ve left Ciampa for dead and taken the victory. Gargano though wanted to do more. Gargano was going to a dark place and unveiled his kneepad. Gargano wanted to put his knee thru Ciampa’s head. Gargano though charged and not only took down Ciampa, but recklessly took himself out in the process. The worst part of it all for Gargano was that Ciampa somehow managed to roll off the stage and stand on his two feet to get the win. Ciampa once again gets the win over Gargano. At this point you almost have to ask if this is enough. Can they really have another NXT Championship match between these two at War Games? As with everything else in NXT, time will tell to see where things go.



WINNER: Ciampa


Overall NXT Takeover Brooklyn 4 was a solid show. We also seen Matt Riddle in the crowd which all but confirms him making his NXT debut soon. Now we just wait to see if any NXT superstars find themselves on the main roster in coming weeks and who will be feuding on the road to Takeover War Games. Follow my Twitter @ChairmanSV where I’ll be live tweeting Summerslam tomorrow. Thanks for reading.