WWE Smackdown Live 8.14.18 Hits and Misses w/ The Chairman

Summerslam is here and this is the final episode of Smackdown Live before the hottest party of the summer. I would’ve typed this up last night, but instead I joined Justin and Cam on recording the HTCWrestling Podcast previewing Summerslam (so give that a listen if you haven’t yet) and ended up cashing out so I apologize for that. With that, here’s my take on Smackdown Live.


HIT: The Miz and Daniel Bryan Build Has Been Awesome


I don’t know who was in charge of the trilogy of video packages for the upcoming Miz and Daniel Bryan match, but I’m sold. I’ve been hyped for this match since I learned Daniel Bryan was cleared to wrestle and seeing the Miz return to Smackdown Live knowing it was eventually happening. I’m ready for this match at Summerslam!


MISS: Styles and Joe Didn’t Get the Build It Should’ve


I’m pumped for AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe. However I felt the E didn’t put as much into this feud as they could’ve. I think there was maybe six or seven minutes left on Smackdown before they started this final segment. If this feud was on Monday, you know damn well it would’ve got fifteen twenty minutes easy. Good thing about AJ and Joe is that they’ll do their storytelling in the ring and I hope they get the time they deserve since there’s thirteen matches crammed into this event.


HIT: Becky and Charlotte Tension Building?


Becky and Charlotte teamed up again, this time against Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. Carmella was doing commentary because that’s all she’s good for. Becky cleaned house last night and used the Disarmer to secure the win. Charlotte and Becky had a little chat backstage, but you could tell there was some tension between the friends. Both of them are very competitive and we should see a new champion leaving Summerslam with the first women’s pay per view approaching Evolution. The question is who and does Becky or Charlotte betray one another to achieve the ultimate prize?


MISS: Killian Dain’s Singlet


I have no idea what the E is doing with Sanity? First they didn’t bring Nikki Cross with and then ever since their debut, they’ve been fed to the majority of the tag teams on Smackdown Live. Not good for another NXT tag team making the jump to the main roster. If that wasn’t bad enough, Killian Dain ditched his usual attire for a rather odd singlet. I’ll never understand why creative has to ruin the upcoming talent from NXT.


HIT: The Hardy Nakamura Orton Triangle Gets More Complex


Jeff Hardy picked up a win over Shelton Benjamin and is confronted by Shinsuke Nakamura. They engage in a brawl before Hardy scores a Swanton Bomb. The odd thing is Randy Orton is watching from a distance. It’s odd enough that Orton wasn’t added to this match and he’s completely off the Summerslam card. Though you know damn well he’s going to be involved in Nakamura vs Hardy this Sunday. I feel the three of these guys are going to keep playing mind games and mess with us all. What are Orton’s real motives though? Is he really after Jeff Hardy or is it a slow burn to get to Shinsuke and the United States title?


MISS: Smackdown Live Tag Team Division Cooled Off


Last year Smackdown Live was provided us with a red hot tag team division. Usos and New Day were having epic battles all summer. This year the Bludgeon Brothers won the titles and killed the division. They’re squashing random jobbers week to week and it’s getting old. Harper is a damn good wrestler and much better than this role he’s stuck in. I really hope the Bludgeon Brothers title reign comes to an end Sunday to New Day. At least New Day have charisma, good matches, and a purpose. The Bludgeon Brothers have no identity and I wouldn’t care if they vanished off television for the foreseeable future.


That does it for the go home show of Smackdown Live. I’ll be live tweeting both NXT Takeover Brooklyn and Summerslam this weekend @ChairmanSV so give me a follow and let’s talk wrestling.